Letter to the editor – Australian election should be a wake up call for the US conservatives

I sent the following letter to the editor of my newspaper. It may not get printed, but I wanted others to see it and adapt and use it if they like it.

Seeing Australian voters sweep out conservatives after nine years and three prime ministers is telling. A large bloc of women voters grew tired of relative inaction on climate change, lack of assuring soundness of their Medicare and child care, and overall lack of integrity in its elected leaders.

Here in the states, my former Republican party is turning a blind eye to more action on climate change, better gun governance, growing fascism and shoring up the ACA and are attacking voting rights and civil rights. At the same time, overstated and even contrived issues are getting the air time to garner votes from their base.

As conservative pundit Michael Gerson says the “Republican Party is in decay.” I agree. We need a viable Conservative party, but what we have is not on the right path. The truth matters. And, a party that vilifies its truth tellers while glorifying its liars does not have the needed veritas to be considered seriously. I can disagree with the Democrats on policy, but with Republicans I find myself having to argue what is true. That is telling to this independent and former Republican and Democrat voter.

18 thoughts on “Letter to the editor – Australian election should be a wake up call for the US conservatives

  1. I hope your words are going to be printed. Talking about gun governance: It is so weird to have a gun lobby that says guns are not the problem of shootings in schools but the safety in schools is. I don’t even have words for such statements. Today I heard that dying from guns is the leading cause of death for children in the U.S. Why is the beloved toy of some idiots more important than the safety of innocent children? Why aren’t they allowed to go to school without fear? Sorry, just thinking out loud. I am not living in the States but it breaks my heart. It needs more people like you that keep pointing out the massive lack of the system, Keith.

    • Erika, it does break your heart. That is why I said they need to act like parents and grandparents. I have shared this story before, but when I followed my toddler son into his grandparents closet, I found a loaded rifle. I asked my father-in-law to unload it as we will not bring back their grandchild until they do. They, of course, did unloaded it. Keith

      • Wow, I can only imagine what a moment that must have been. It is unbelievable for me – for eveyone here – to have guns at home, just so. If you want a gun over here, you have to gor throug a lot of tests and statements. And you need to go through it every year again. You can only get it for particular reasons (defending your home is none such reason). I cannot understand why the awareness that guns are the main cause for all of these tragedies is not sinking even in those who earn money with it. How can they still look in the mirror saying, we need more guns to stop shootings… how stupid is that? Trumps said, they need to turn schools into high-security buildings. That means, the schools become a prison to safe kids from those who schould go to prison… I really don’t have words for this insanity.

      • Erika, a fight without a gun ends up with a bloody nose. A mass shooting without a gun, leaves an assailant shamed by the masses who tie him up and call the police. A depressed teen without a gun ends up alive to discuss his or her problems. A curious kid who does not find a loaded weapon will wake up the next day, as will his siblings and parents. As for the former president, he tends not to be the source of good ideas. Keith

      • Exactly! Also, if there were no guns, it needed more courage to lay hand on one another because there were direct (eye-)contact.
        Definitely not, he proves it again. How can you say that the most dangerous place in the world is the on with no guns? But as we know, it doesn’t lead anywhere to explain the statements of lyer and narcist with unworldly views…

      • Erika, so true. For those who assert that places with fewer guns have greater gun deaths, with the US having more gun deaths than that of twenty-two other top countries combined does not support that assertion. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I mention the term window dressing to Erika. Some conservative politicians may have set-up task forces to look at things with little plan to actually execute changes. Some have put their names on bills with no hope of passing to say see what I did. But, this is akin to dressing up the store window without doing anything.

    Both parties need act more to pass legislation. If you strip away the non-essential bills (naming things, honoring people, etc.), very little tangible legislation gets done. With 1/3 to 40% of their time fund raising and no one on the floor while someone is making a C-span speech, legislators do not work very hard at their craft.

  3. Your course is a correct one Keith. Even if they won’t publish it your letters, the steady, calm analytical arguments you place will leave an impression in the back of their minds. It sometimes is necessary to sew doubt in the minds of the apparently intransigent.
    Take care

    • Thanks Roger. I am hopeful that others might pick up the baton and write in or reach out to politicians. I just received an email from a Senator who has told me all the things he is doing, but there he sits in the top six of NRA funding. Voting on a bill you know won’t pass is not the act of courage it seems to be. Keith

      • Sometimes in politics you have to do that which you feel is right, and pay the cost.
        For his later flaws let us not forget LBJ’s comment (In various forms) as he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ‘There goes the South for a Generation’

  4. “People who learn that greenhouse emissions result in global warming might experience feelings of dissonance if they drive a gas-guzzling vehicle.” So they might look for and espouse information that overrides the belief that greenhouse gasses contribute to global warming in order to avoid the internal conflect. The gun lobby and citizens who are pro-firearm seem to be doing the same. Confirmation bias prevents them from thinking logically and makes them feel more justified in not taking action in restricting guns.

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