Workers within industries that prop up fossil fuels said they could no longer ignore the climate crisis and they quit

In an article written by Anna First-Arai in The Guardian called “They once worked for big oil’s enablers. Now they refuse to be complicit,” fossil-fuel related workers are now voting with their feet. Here are the first few paragraphs with a link to the article below.

“More than a century ago, fossil fuel firms hardly needed help maintaining their image. Coal-powered trains, oil-burning power plants and gas-heated houses were likened to patriotism and social progress. But over time, especially as industry scientists began uncovering the direct link between the burning of fossil fuels and the climate crisis, America’s petroleum giants turned to the public relations industry they had helped create to persuade consumers to remain loyal.

PR campaigns that frame oil and gas as essential to solving the climate crisis have become the industry survival strategy. But over the past decade, the spinmasters behind these campaigns and the executives in industries that prop up fossil fuels have woken up to the role their work plays in contributing to climate breakdown.

Waves of employees have co-signed letters and quit en masse in response to their firms’ complicity in obfuscating climate crimes and rolling out aggressive greenwashing schemes. And the resignations are picking up pace. Just this week in a bombshell public resignation, Caroline Dennett, a consultant for Shell, parted ways with the company, citing its “double talk on climate”. She urged others to do the same.” 

This is article is worth the read. Maybe these kinds of resignations will get the attention of fossil fuel management. Shareholders have been more active voting to require management to be forthcoming on climate change plans and actions, but this will give them more ammunition to demand such action. A good question at a future shareholder meeting is “Help me understand why your employees are leaving en masse over your failure to address climate change?”

I have shared numerous articles about the positive movements forward on renewable energy and the need for more action. But, when a company’s own employees start walking out the door, that speaks volumes. I hope management is listening.

2 thoughts on “Workers within industries that prop up fossil fuels said they could no longer ignore the climate crisis and they quit

  1. Note to Readers: A science teacher in Oklahoma was so amazed about the number of unreputable websites on climate change. She had her class help her do an analysis as she wanted her kids to learn how to discern good and bad sources. The class learned there are over 30,000 websites that have varying degrees of misinformation regarding climate change from being a hoax, to not being human influenced to not so bad. This compares to only 700 peer-reviewed scientific websites that speak of the concerns over climate change. This shows where the money is as many of these 30,000 sites are sponsored by the fossil fuel industry. It is easy to see how fossil fuel funded politicians and opinion people can speak with conviction as this misinformation is abundant. This is why seeing fossil fuel workers voting with their feet is telling.

    • Dear Keith,

      I have the great pleasure of informing you that the entirety of your comment here has been quoted and immortalized in my most popular post (which has garnered about 240 comments and 740 likes) entitled “The Quotation Fallacy“.

      Happy June to you very soon!

      Yours sincerely,

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