The deer must lead the way

I was watching one of those animal documentaries and it set a common belief on its head. Like me, many may have the belief the deer will follow where the stag leads. But, through observations, scientists have noted that is not always the case. The deer will feel threatened and move before the stag knows what happened. The stag will, in essence, follow the does and younger deer out of harm’s way.

That is the way it has to be now that elected officials are too scared to do anything. Of course, a change here and there occurs, but for the most part legislators are less inclined to make substantive changes that go against their funders’ wishes. As a result, collaboration is harder and even positive changes do not get passed, as one tribe cannot let the other take credit for political gain. Helping people is secondary to winning elections. It is that simple.

In the 2018 midterm US elections, the does rallied together in the Women’s March and ousted many stags from politics. It was an election that saw a large number of women get elected. Last week, in Australia, a change averse and industry helping government was swept out of office after nine years and three prime ministers. The does said we need to deal with climate change, child care and Medicare issues. And, by the way, integrity matters they said. It should be noted, not all the folks who got booted out were stags, as even does can be less than helpful as an elected official as we have seen here in the US.

It should be noted in 2019, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, helped push through more restrictive gun laws after the nation was mourning the mass shooting deaths that just occurred. A female leader said acting to address this issue was of major importance. How refreshing. Ardern will be speaking at Harvard on the subject of gun control and will likely visit with the US president. Think of the contrast between her and certain elected officials here that are attending a conference held by the NRA, ironically in Texas, or parroting the usual and stale tripe that goes for debate in our country to prevent what most Americans want from happening.

Leaders look like Ardern. They look like Zelenskyy. They looked like Merkel and Mandela. They are imperfect, but they represent the people, all people of their countries. I mention Mandela as he was being pressured to swing the pendulum even more the way of the native South Africans after Apartheid. He did make sure their rights were promoted, but he also recognized the country as a whole needed to come together.

We need to listen to leaders like this. They are refreshing in contrast to our elected officials here who will actually go against the majority of people’s wishes to garner votes from a vocal minority. It is truly sad to see that occur. And, it should be noted how I sparingly use the word leader here in the US.


18 thoughts on “The deer must lead the way

      • Holly, agreed for the most part. Sometimes, the incumbent is so egregious, they do get ousted – Madison Cawthorn was defeated in a primary earlier in the month and Donald Trump in the general election, eg. Whether he wants to admit it or not, Trump lost and has lost again and again in attempts to say he did not. Keith

  1. I agree completely, Keith. And I clearly see your disappointment but still, you are not disillusioned. And that is the encouragement and motivation your lines radiate. Such leaders still exist. Let’s hope they find the way to the top sooner than later.

    • Thanks Erika. When it comes down to it, I want to vote on real issues. If a party does not want to focus on real issues, then they must not have good ideas. A good example is Republicans are saying gun deaths are not a gun issue, it is a mental health issue. OK, if that is so, then why are they against expanding Medicaid which has mental health benefits as a part of it? These are questions that need to be asked. Keith

      • With that, you grabbed them right by the throat. I don’t know what argument could hold against. I am sure I am not the first one saying it but you would make that leader we need! Your concerns are with the people not with your bank account.

  2. Note to Readers: Groundswell movements have tended to play a huge part in our history. The creation of the Environmental Protection Agency followed the efforts started by courageous Rachel Carson, who industry tried to squelch, but she kept at her truth telling. Getting out of Vietnam occurred because of active protests by young folks, aided and abetted by the Pentagon Papers release and Walter Cronkite saying Vietnam was a lost cause. The women’s movement helped push forward the equal rights amendment aided by various champions like First Lady Betty Ford.

  3. Note to Readers: With Roe v Wade in jeopardy, with women’s rights under fire, and with civil rights under fire for various demographic groups, there are plenty of issues to get women and men out to vote. But, more climate change action matters who is in charge, better gun governance matters who is in charge, wider healthcare access matters who is in charge, more truthful debate matters who is in charge, et al. People must vote.

    • Janis, I sure hope we do not leave these issues to them. Some are time sensitive – climate change, gun deaths, debt. If we do not address them early, they will only get worse. I am tired, so very tired of being lied to by elected officials who we would not be listening to except they were elected by gerrymandered or uninformed voters. Names like Cruz, Trump, Gosar, Brooks, Taylor-Greene, McCarthy, Broebart, Gomert, et al are not known for their obedience to the truth. Keith

  4. If your current President could pull a rabbit out of the hat and increase the Seats in the Supreme Court to get protection back for Roe v Wade it would help with stability even if the election Went South as it could still do. The people need to know the Government is with them before they go to the polls. I hope a lot more women are going to upset a lot more men on election day and make their mark on the world.

    • David, thanks. I feel the people who support the tribal thinking are not thinking how it applies to them. In other words, when they come to take their freedoms away, they will say, I did not mean mine. Keith

  5. The final sentence in your second paragraph speaks volumes: ” Helping people is secondary to winning elections. It is that simple.” Our legislators … at least far too many of them … have forgotten why they were hired in the first place and why we continue to pay them. D’you think New Zealand might be willing to lend us Jacinda Ardern for a few months to come teach our own how to govern FOR the people? Good post, and I enjoyed the analogy to the deer!

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