Note to Senators and Congressman – please act on our gun death problem

After watching the President Biden’s very good speech last night asking for our support in addressing our gun death problem, I posted the following short statement on the websites for my two Republican Senators (Burr and Tillis) and Senate Minority leader McConnell. I also posted it on my Republican Congressman’s website.

I watched the President’s impassioned speech on doing something at long last to deal with our gun death problem in the US. We have more gun deaths than the next twenty-two wealthiest nations COMBINED. That is not an enviable standing. I am pleading with you to think like a parent and grandparent and do something. There are measures which are supported by the majority of gun owners that we can build from. If you and Congress fail to finally do something, it will be a disservice to Americans. Please act.

I have posted similar messages over the years, but to no avail. Maybe, just maybe, Americans have had enough with their elected officials, and can squeeze out some leadership from these folks beholden to the NRA. Sadly, these folks have not seemed to care that the majority of gun owners are OK with several changes. We need to make them care.


24 thoughts on “Note to Senators and Congressman – please act on our gun death problem

  1. Thank YOU, Keith! Your message is, as usual, excellent — short, sweet, and to the point. I will be posting it on my one Republican senator’s and on Warren Davidson’s websites in just a little bit. You have the unique ability to say so much in few words, while I cannot seem to keep mine under 200 words! Jeff said the other day that “this time it feels different” … let’s hope he’s right and that enough people like you speak up, speak out, and make it truly different this time.

    • Thanks Jill. I appreciate your reaching out to your elected officials, even though Davidson is a lot like Bishop, our representative. Keith

      • I have no respect for Davidson, but at the moment my big fear is J.D. Vance becoming our next senator, replacing Rob Portman. I didn’t often agree with Portman and have challenged him a few times, but I never doubted that he had a heart and a conscience. I think that J.D. Vance has neither.

      • Jill, Davidson may not be as infamous as Taylor-Greene, Gohmert, Gosar, Breitbart, Cawthorn, et al, but along with folks like Jordan, Bishop, et al, they form a less inflammatory, but still dangerous group to our country with their rhetoric and bullying. As for JD Vance, what happened to him? He wrote a very good book in “Hillbilly Elegy” and then forgot where he laid it. Keith

  2. Good, Keith. Ever the worrying optimist, I’ll continue to hope for something. But I’m with the President, looking toward November, as I note in the post I just put up (“The President’s Fury”).

    • Thanks Annie. Keep pushing. There are some Senators who support action. It is up to the Dems to find something that will pass muster with at least ten Republicans. Same thing on Roe v Wade protection.

  3. We need to take stronger action and adamant demands for gun control. No more Mr. nice guy, the Far Right who uses the 2nd amendment to justify their cowboy mentality are saying we don’t care about the your dead children or whether our citizens are safe shopping at the grocery store. The Rep. Senators who are filling their coffers with NRA cult money are despicable and be must be removed from congress , that means voting them out , marching, protesting until they get the message. We have to take drastic action, they do not care about school safety, it’s not their kids.

    • Holly, I agree the pressure must persist, but there has to be some compromise to garner ten Republican votes. Otherwise, it won’t happen yet again. I am of a mindset to find a way. Keith

      • Holly, it is long overdue. In fact, they should not have let the assault weapon ban expire circa 2006. But, they must get something done. If they do not, we need to vote some people out for their poor stewardship. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: Per Politico, Senator John Cornyn, the second leading GOP Senator and “tapped as Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s emissary to bipartisan negotiations on gun legislation, is feeling the pressure after years of congressional failure to get a bill done. If the Senate can’t agree on a legislative response after the killings in Uvalde, Texas, Cornyn said, ‘it will be embarrassing.’”

    • Note to Readers II: Per Politico, “Days after expressing support for an assault weapons ban in light of the recent racist shooting in Buffalo, N.Y., Rep. Chris Jacobs (R-N.Y.) is abandoning his bid for reelection.

      ‘I truly believe I could win this election, but it would be an incredibly divisive election for both the Republican Party and for the people of the 23rd district, many of whom I have not ever represented. The last thing we need is an incredibly negative, half-truth filled media attack, funded by millions of dollars in special interest money coming into our community around this issue of guns and gun violence and gun control.’l

      • I think many Australians look up to Americans but can’t relate to the gun culture that is so ingrained in some of the citizen’s psyche and all this mixed up with a highly religious ethic. That is a big difference too. The tendency to not follow in the big sister’s footsteps in relation to guns, is perhaps because our constitutions are different. But we are a much smaller population.

      • Amanda, the 2nd amendment as it is viewed by many is so very different from what it says and even its liberal interpretation by the courts. As for it being mixed in with an evangelical mindset boggles the mind. It is as if once one drinks the Kool-Aid, they will advocate anything their cult espouses. Keith

  5. Keep up your dignified, civilised and mature pressure Keith.
    If you do this, you will inspire others to follow you. This is important because desperation and despair will hand the agenda over to folk who feel having nothing to lose it will be time to take a leaf out of the virulent Right’s book

      • Roger, to answer your question, one more today in Chattanooga, but they day is still young and we are heavily armed in this country. Tally for Philadelphia and Chattanooga is six dead and 25 wounded. If I did not live here, I would have to think hard about visiting. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: I have said before, the United States as a whole, is a largely uninformed, misinformed and disinformed country. Democracy requires a well-informed citizenry. Of course, we have numbers of people who are much more informed than the average American. But, we have far too many people who focus most of their attention to entertainment or sports news. And, we have too many who glean information from social media or sources telling them what they want to hear. Sadly, we have one political party (of course it is the GOP) that counts on that and perpetuates it. And, this party vilifies those in its midst who try to tell the truth about our problems.

    To be brutally frank, to say our gun death problem is not a gun caused problem is highly offensive. Yes, it is a multi-faceted issue, but of course it is a gun problem. We must act. We are years overdue in acting.

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