Short note to Republican Congressman after more disturbing remarks

The following is a note I posted on my Republican Congressman’s website after reading his comments that the House Select Committee was traitorous and not the subject of why they were formed. It should be noted this is just one more example why I did not vote for this person. I truly am long past weary of people who swore an oath to the constitution kowtowing more to a person who betrayed his country, in my view.

Congressman, as an independent and former Republican, seeing your remarks on Newsmaxx about the House Select Committee is highly disappointing and disturbing. We must get to the bottom of what happened during this insurrection and hold people to account, full stop.

There are only two Republicans on the committee because Kevin McCarthy nominated several folks who had conflicts of interest. A simple question is if people are so innocent, why did several GOP members of Congress ask for a pardon in the former president’s final days.

To be frank, from what I witnessed and have read, it would not surprise me if the former president is brought up on charges. He instigated this insurrection with his bogus and unproven election fraud claims, and invited and incited people to besiege the Capitol. I am glad you and others survived, but some were not so fortunate.

We need a viable Conservative party but following the former president while vilifying the truth tellers is not the best path forward. Please reconsider your stance on this. As Liz Cheney correctly said “There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.” Republicans must get back on better footing.

18 thoughts on “Short note to Republican Congressman after more disturbing remarks

    • Larry, he has pretty much ignored everything I have sent him or spoke with a staff member about. My one hope is to get through to a staff member or two. These young folks must sense their bosses are full of it when they say stuff like this. Keith

  1. Agree 100%. Unfortunately, I have become cynical in my old age. I hope I am wrong but believe this will lead nowhere. I would also add several others to the list of charges.

    • Cigarman, he has a long list. What got lost in the shuffle is just before the 2020 election he was ordered by a judge to repay money he used from his charitable foundation for personal use, around $2 million. Once repaid, the Trump Foundation had to be disbanded and all funds distributed to charities per its by-laws. Another interesting tidbit is no one named Trump could oversee the distribution process and all Trump-named trustees had to undergo philanthropic training. This is malfeasance. Keith

  2. Bringing Trump up on charges would be a great start – I hope we get to see that. The idea of not brining him up on charges will be pretty much the end of our democracy, imo.

  3. Good and clear words again. Probably, someone who is a committed supporter of the former president won’t listen. Nevertheless, keep it up, Keith.

      • Absolutely, it needs persistence to get further and bring something in motion. As we say here: Constant dripping wears the stone.

      • Good analogy. The drip, drip, drip of routine untruthful, bullying and denigrating behavior and remarks. Just think of this in a marriage, where the husband did this. Oh, he did.

  4. Note to Readers: I watched Rep. Liz Cheney’s opening remarks and recordings of select testimony. It is very clear that staff (legal and others) told the former president his election fraud claims were bogus. Yet, he plunged ahead with his plans.

    What is interesting is Attorney General Bill Barr’s comments beyond his BS claim he uttered directly to the former president and was fired. Per his testimony as reported in The Guardian,
    “‘I told him that the stuff that his people were shuttling out to the public was bullshit,’ Barr said in a clip shared by the committee. ‘ I was somewhat demoralized, because I thought, boy, if he really believes this stuff … he’s become detached from reality.’”

    Yes, Mr. Barr, he is.

  5. It saddens me that so many are still willing to cast aside their personal integrity and stay loyal to someone who would throw them under a bus if they looked sideways at him. More interesting testimony today. I wonder if they will be able to follow the money trail of the donations the former guy’s organization received to fight the election results. It seems like a clear case of fraud.

    • Janis, I did read many months ago many of those donors wanted their money back as they felt misled by the former president. Imagine that? It reminds me of the donors who donated to his foundation only to later learn he used it as a personal piggy bank and was ordered by a judge to repay the money to the foundation. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: I am not the first to utter this, but I have a working theory that the Republican Senate leadership want the House Select Committee to take down the former president for them. They are both too scared to stick their neck out and have calculated the risk is less if the Democrats and two outcast Republicans do the heavy lifting. They can then blame Dems and get Trump out of the way. It is so sad that the country could have begun the healing process sixteen months ago if the Senate got ten more votes to convict him.

  7. Note to Readers: This quote is from Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger where he defines Trump’s actions as “seditious conspiracy” to George Stephanoupolis.

    “‘This should be a position where you can tell the hard truth, and unfortunately, my party has utterly failed the American people at truth,’ Kinzinger said. ‘It makes me sad. But it’s a fact.’”

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