Tuesday’s gone with the wind – a few more windy remarks

Using one of my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd songs, “Tuesday’s gone” one more time, let me offer some more windy remarks. This is in deference to many politicians who tend to be big bags of wind with contrived and exaggerated truths.

  • I know everyone is anticipating the Roe v Wade impacting ruling from the Supreme Court, but another major ruling will affect jurisdiction over corporations, making it easier on these entities to cut corners. I have said before, the primary reason Republicans like conservative judges is not things like Roe v Wade, it is to help companies avoid having to be held liable for their misdeeds. Everything else is window-dressing to that primary purpose.
  • The Wizard of Oz-like actions of the most recent former president is underway to get people not to look behind the January 6 insurrection curtain. If they do, they will see a person pulling everyone’s levers to mask his own actions of sedition and deceit. It will not surprise me if the former president is brought up on charges by the Attorney General after this for his role in the insurrection. It will not surprise me if a few congressmen are brought up as well.
  • I truly would hate to be Joe Biden right now. This imperfect man has Republicans who are told to blame him for everything, pretty much in lock step, and he has progressives who do not like that he is not going far enough. So, he will continually get low marks on ratings as he truly cannot win. Has he made mistakes? Yes. Is he as bad as being portrayed? No. And, after the deceitful, bullying, seditious and denigrating actions of his predecessor, he is truly a breath of normalcy.
  • Boris Johnson needs to say a prayer every night and thank Vladimir Putin for getting him off the front page with negative news about him. Putin has become what he should always have been known as, a pariah in the world. It is no one else’s fault but Putin’s for the invasion. I miss that Senator John McCain has passed away, as he was Putin’s largest nemesis and he would be all over this issue. McCain would also be all over the former US president.

That is enough wind-blowing for now. Tuesday’s gone with the wind…

27 thoughts on “Tuesday’s gone with the wind – a few more windy remarks

  1. You make great windy points, my friend. Frankly, I should very much like to see the former guy “Gone with the Wind” as soon as possible (like today)! He may be gone from office, but the scent of his wind remains. You are so spot-on about President Biden … he is being blamed for things that are outside his control, and never given credit for the things he has accomplished. It’s an ill wind that blows his way. Like you, I miss Senator John McCain — one of the few Republicans for whom I had great respect. Sadly, he was like a “Candle in the Wind.” And I would only add that I keep hoping that somewhere, somebody will step up to the plate on serious gun legislation and be the “Wind Beneath My Wings” that finally convinces our Congress to put our lives ahead of the gun manufacturers’ wealth.

  2. It is one of these odd and desperate times when I find myself agreeing with Boris Johnson. In this case over the war in Ukraine.
    Still, I take comfort in Churchill’s words over the British WWII alliance with the USSR.
    “If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favourable reference of the Devil in the House of Commons.”
    I hate to think what circumstances would need to arise where I would espouse the same sentiments about Trump

  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    I think that sometimes when we can make our points with humour, they are more likely to be listened to and pondered. Our friend Keith has made a few points today with a bit of ‘windy’ humour and it makes for a fun post! Overall, Keith … like all of us … just don’t want to see our nation become “Dust in the Wind” 😉 Thank you, Keith, for a fun and at the same time thoughtful post.

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  5. Good points. It’s fascinating to watch state machinations in the red zones, like DeSantis and Abbott and THEIR version of government being shaped, against the backdrop of the national and global situations. As you note, these folks who insist on less government as the solution, keep forcing more government and restrictions on individuals and greater latitude and protections for corporations.

    What’s the solution? That’s blowing in the wind. Yes, I had to go there. Cheers

    • Michael, well played. It is frustrating. Hypocrisy abounds. At its heart, people are saying to the government, “don’t tell me what to do” while at the same time they want government to “tell others what to do.” The hypocrisy comes home to roost when the thing they now want gets restricted. Basically, it is the premise “my freedoms are more important than others.” But, when freedoms are gone, the finger pointer will say “I did not mean mine.” Keith

  6. Note to Readers: Apparently, the former president called his vice-president a “wimp” for not breaking the law and helping with his insurrection. Call me crazy, but a person whose ego is so fragile, that he cannot be man enough to admit he lost an election is calling another person a “wimp?” A person whose own niece said he would “burn it all down” to avoid losing an election is calling someone a “wimp.” A person who was so scared of a female reporter from Fox asking him tough questions he refused to do another debate with her on the panel is calling someone a “wimp.”

    Just curious. We should not forget the term “false bravado” which is used often to define the former president means fake bravery.

  7. Note to Readers: To show why I would not want to be Joe right now, a poll said more people would vote for Trump than Biden. They would vote for a person who betrayed our country, who has divided us further with his lies, whose incompetent handling of the pandemic led to far more deaths than should have been, who damaged our relationships abroad, who took us out of the Paris Climate change accord, and who presidential historians have ranked as the 5th worst president in history. Biden is not perfect, but he far exceeds his predecessor in performance and integrity. Before Trump fans flaunt Trump’s economy, check the numbers he inherited and he left Biden with.

  8. Note to Readers: While I am not fan of name calling, the unique words of Michael Steele have added meaning as he defends Rep. Liz Cheney. Per The Guardian:

    “Michael Steele, the former Republican National Committee chairman who has become a vocal critic of Trump, said Cheney has offered a welcome contrast to ‘these little petty, pathetic whiners who don’t even have the manhood to stand up to a 76-year-old punk’.”

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