Testimony of Judge Michael Luttig to House Select Committee

In an article called “Politico Playbook: Exclusive – the words Luttig wants to be remembered” by Ryan Lizza and Eugene Daniels, the important testimony to the House Select Committee of an ultra-conservative judge named Michael Luttig are highlighted. Note, he is being ridiculed by those who don’t want you to hear or read his words saying he said them too slowly and poorly, but the message is true and important for our country to hear.

The best message need not be the most articulate. Here are a few paragraphs:

“DONALD TRUMP and his allies and supporters are a clear and present danger to American democracy.

January 6 was a war for America’s democracy. It was an immoral war instigated and prosecuted by Donald Trump and his political party allies and supporters.

There were many cowards on the battlefield of the United States Capitol that day, and we have heard much about their failed efforts to undermine our democracy. We have heard comparatively little about the patriotic bravery of the heroes who defended our democracy against those who sought to undermine our democracy that fateful day.

There comes a time in every single life — whether personal or public — when one is summoned to stand, bear witness, and affirm what he or she believes and does not believe. That is our moment of calling. Their witness, whether they be parent, relative, friend, loved one, or military or law enforcement defender, almost always comes at great personal sacrifice and cost.”

His words need to be heard. They need to be heeded. I like the fact he used the phrase about Trump and his sycophants being a “clear and present danger to American democracy.” I like the fact he used the words “cowards on the battlefield” as I have long felt that the former president is long on false bravado and short on actual bravery. Hearing Trump call Mike Pence a “wimp” because he would not break the law, amuses me as here is a person who has too fragile an ego to man-up and admit he lost an election.

I shared these paragraphs with my two Senators with one more plea to condemn the former president for his Big Lie and instigating the insurrection. Please feel free to do so with yours. I also want you to pay attention to the zeal of some Trump allies to denigrate the House Select Committee, as there are members of Congress who have some explaining to do about their role in the insurrection. Like the preacher who has sinned, they will be the most ardent in their criticism to avoid discovery.

It would not surprise me to see Trump and his allies brought up on charges. I actually think our country needs to do this as we cannot have a president acting like a king. That is not what we are all about.


19 thoughts on “Testimony of Judge Michael Luttig to House Select Committee

  1. Urgently important, Keith. And I think it’s especially important for people to know that Judge Luttig is in the top pantheon of conservative judges. He is a Scalia conservative who was considered for the Supreme Court seat occupied by Alito.

    So this is no partisan witch hunt by Democrats. Here is a truth-teller trying to push his fellow Republicans to end their cult-like devotion to trump and the Big Lie, a jurist stating outright that trump and his allies must be stopped, and a patriot warning us all that we must defend our democracy—now!!

    • Annie, many thanks. Your comment is dead on accurate in my view. This message should be heeded given its messenger. That is why I sent it to my Senators. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I think we are long past the point of Republican legislators forcibly calling the former president on the carpet for his deceitful and seditious words and actions. Not ironically, several of my fellow bloggers and I have been using terms like “clear and present danger” to define the former president and his sycophants for a few years. His last chief of staff, former congressman Mark Meadows was described by a colleague as someone who often changed his opinions on the insurrection depending on who he was talking with. This same person noted when Trump could have sent a calming tweet during the insurrection, he doubled down and held Pence out to dry inflaming the crowd further. This is the true nature of the former president especially when coupled with his trying to hide he had his hand in the cookie jar.

  3. Note to Readers: This quote is from Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger where he defines Trump’s actions as “seditious conspiracy” to George Stephanoupolis.

    “‘This should be a position where you can tell the hard truth, and unfortunately, my party has utterly failed the American people at truth,’ Kinzinger said. ‘It makes me sad. But it’s a fact.’”

  4. I watched Judge Luttig’s entire testimony. Yes, his speech was slow, sometimes painfully so, but his words were of great importance. Even more so when you consider he is an ultra-conservative former Judge. I imagine this was very hard for him and he took the time to choose his words very carefully … we should listen and heed them, for he is obviously a wise and caring man.

    • Jill, I think people who don’t have a good argument against the judge choose to make fun of the messenger. I am reminded of the news networks whose opinion people would use the 50/50 talking head argument approach where they would put two people on a screen behind them to argue climate change. The one sharing his experience and concern would often be a scientist who is less skilled at talking or boiling down points in 90 second sound bites. The one calling it a hoax would be a sales-oriented person who lived for 90 second bites. The sales person would overwhelm the scientist with his well-oiled 90 seconds and people would walk away convinced it was a hoax. Just because someone can talk better than another does not make them right. It just means they can argue better. Like today, what bothered me then is scientists were actually getting death threats for telling the truth. Sounds familiar. Keith

      • I think you are exactly right, Keith. Gee, I wonder what news networks you might be referring to? 😉 Sigh. It seems that among some, violence is seen as the solution to problems. In my book, violence NEVER solved anything.

      • Jill, there is a MAGA supporting politician who is speaking of “hunting RINOs.” Really? I guess we independents are next. This is so very childish, but they are taking their lead from a “toddleresque” former president. Keith

  5. No doubt Michael Luttig will be called a traitor and who knows what else.
    It is somewhat heartening to see there are folk on the Right who are now taking issue against what is essentially a mob devoid of clear vision and responsibility to their country.

    • Roger, he likely will. Here is one more:

      While I am not fan of name calling, the unique words of Michael Steele have added meaning as he defends Rep. Liz Cheney. Per The Guardian:

      “Michael Steele, the former Republican National Committee chairman who has become a vocal critic of Trump, said Cheney has offered a welcome contrast to ‘these little petty, pathetic whiners who don’t even have the manhood to stand up to a 76-year-old punk’.”

      I have heard several terms used to define the former president, but this is the first time I have heard “punk.”


  6. I, for one, appreciated his slow speech. No one will be able to misconstrue what is was saying or what he meant when he said it. His words were crystal clear. He left no opportunity for anything to be twisted. I find this to be a critical message to his party.

    • Thanks Lisa. The message should be heeded. I did read that 6 in ten Americans want charges brought against the former president. My question is why so low? Many of his supporters have been told to look the other way. But, 60% is still a good number. Keith

  7. Too slow delivery? Good god. I was wondering how that ilk would deal with this testimony. I thought his delivery was wholly intentional, used for clear and concise emphasis and clarity. But then, what would I know about speeches and language. I find the language, diction, and delivery of the former president to be utterly nonsensical and at time obscene.

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