Under oath

Lying under oath has ramifications. So, it matters when someone testifies under oath in court or to a Congressional committee.

Under oath…

-Conservative judge Michael Luttig said to the House Select committee “Donald Trump and his allies are a clear and present danger to the United States.”

-during a deposition well before his presidency Donald Trump had thirty misstatements of facts that were corrected by the deposing attorney in real time per one of his biographers.

-several other Republican officials and staff testified to the House Select committee of the coercion by Donald Trump and his staff to lie and cheat so he could win the election. They also testified of the violent threats they received from Trump supporters to do his bidding.

-Donald Trump settled a court case on housing discrimination agreeing to make restitution. After failing to do so, Trump was taken back to court and restitution was demanded by the judge per one of his biographers.

-Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s attorney and fixer said to another House committee “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is a cheat.”

-in 2017 a judge ruled Donald Trump and his children failed to honor the donors to the Trump Foundation and used about $2 million for his own benefit over time. The judge ordered the repayment of the funds, the subsequent disbanding of the Foundation and distribution of funds per the by-laws of the Foundation. The judge also ordered that no one named Trump could oversee the distribution per The New York Times.

-where he promised to uphold the constitution, Donald Trump further divided America with his Big Lie and acted seditiously to instigate an insurrection against a branch of government per the findings and testimony of the House Select committee and about 65 court cases and all recounts, audits and reviews of election results requested by Trump or his allies.

I mention these items as the former president wants equal time to tell his side of the story. I say give him such time and swear him in, but first remind him that lying to Congress under oath is a criminal offense.

23 thoughts on “Under oath

    • Clive, good point. We should add we have two SCOTUS members who have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct, which was never truly vetted. They passed muster by the Senate, but the story runs deeper. One of the more outspoken ones of late had another alleged sexual assault victim who was never called as she waited in the wings and the FBI said they did not fully vet the more recent one. Call me crazy, but I have never wanted an extreme court one way or the other. Keith

      • Not exactly much of an example to set for the rest of the country, are they! The whole system is outdated and not fit for purpose – like a lot of things over there, there seems to be a mentality of ‘it was good enough in 1777 so it is good enough now.’ That just isn’t realistic, but it suits those who want to remain in power.

      • Clive, if elected officials would do their job, the construct would work better than it does. We cannot govern by Executive Order and SCOTUS decisions. Congress must actually pass laws rather than fund raise. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: Per a Politico article called “Trump fatigue sets in: ‘Some donors are getting sick of the sh–show’”

    “Trump is facing an important onslaught of negative facts with these hearings and there is no real defense.”
    Dan Eberhart, a Republican donor

  2. Note to Readers: I started to add this one, but another example of how little the former president thinks of oaths, comes from one of his biographers. Trump bought a building in New York City that had a famous facade that was considered art. He agreed in court to let folks who knew how to dismantle the artwork and transport it to a museum. After agreeing in court, Trump had illegal aliens strip off the facade in the middle of the night destroying the art.

    • Janis, as would I. I recall him wanting to testify during an earlier House investigation, but he was talked out of it. It was reported his staff thought he would not be the best of witnesses. People who lie often tend to not know where the truth stops and the lies begin. This is a key reason he was corrected 30 times during the deposition. Keith

  3. There can be … never has been … any doubt that he is a liar, a cheat, and a conman. He is an abuser of women, a bigot who has discriminated against women and minorities, and a thief who has robbed people of an ‘honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.” So why do so many still flock to him? Why has the GOP, the self-proclaimed “Party of Lincoln” … sold their very soul to him? Just colour me puzzled.

    • Jill, it is a puzzle. I think the answer is he went out to see people and talked tough. Little did they know it was all false bravado. But, nonetheless to his credit he did go see people and entertained them with his pep rallies. Keith

      • Jill, true in general. But, if someone is going to value tough, don’t put your money on someone as weak-minded as Donald J Trump. Tough is not a word I would ever use to describe the former president. When Trump complains about the election being stolen, repeat his words with your best “toddler” voice and it is indicative of an overt lack of toughness. Altogether now, “I didn’t lose. I won by a long shot. Mommy.” Keith

    • Lisa, my favorite line is from Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Freidman, “Donald Trump has no second paragraph.” He just comes up with a slogan that he repeats over and over again. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: I have a strong suggestion for Democrats who are not happy with the Roe v Wade verdict, watered down gun governance or restrictions on civil rights and are fearful of climate change inaction, environmental degradation and health care attacks, they need to vote. There is a canary in the coal mine that is saying more voters are switching to the GOP (I read 1+ million), including the suburban educated women voters. To me, this tells me that people are listening to messaging coming out of more conservative channels that rakes Dems over the coals. I am not saying that messaging is correct, but people are listening to it.

    Dems better crystalize key talking points that will appeal to all Americans and hammer them home. If they appeal to only progressive Dems, they will need to look up what happened to George McGovern in 1972. Watergate was in part related to Nixon wanting to run against McGovern and not Edmund Muskie. He knew he could beat McGovern but knew Muskie would be a tougher challenge.

  5. Keith, your strong suggestion above is exactly what’s needed. Democrats aren’t very good at building coalitions, but I keep saying/writing/tweeting that if we can bring together those animated by reproductive rights, gun safety, gay rights, voting rights, and preventing the threats against democracy uncovered by the Jan 6 Committee, we can get the majorities we need to protect all the above. Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin suggests the messaging be protecting our privacy (abortion, gay marriage, contraception…) and our rights to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.

    • Annie, thanks. Jennifer Rubin makes a good suggestion. Dems are also the party of jobs, health care and the environment. They have a better story to tell and need to tell it. Keith

      • Absolutely! And the media need to more fairly convey the undeniable successes of the Biden administration and the Dem majority—while the Republicans have blocked them at every turn.

      • Annie, agreed. Too many believe the GOP talking points about Biden. He is not perfect, but we have returned to normalcy, which is a major improvement in and of itself. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: It was a privilege to see a public servant like Cassidy Hutchinson show political courage and honor her oath to the constitution. Her difficult testimony to the House select committee needs to be both commended and heeded. As former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said he knows Hutchinson and believes her. In contrast, people who know Mark Meadows and Donald Trump don’t believe them. Their history does not warrant such trust.

    Her testimony and that of others through emails and texts on January 6, 2021, paints a “disgusting” picture of the former president’s seditious and deceitful actions leading up to the insurrection on a branch of government. Also, he showed little regard for the folks he endangered. Trump claims Mike Pence is a “wimp” and deserved be hanged shows a disturbing lack of character of the former president.

    It will not surprise me if the former president and his allies are charged with seditious actions. He cannot blame anyone but himself for his actions.

  7. Under Oath? Didnt Joe Biden state he didnt know anything about his sons business dealings in the areas that are now confrontational with America besides the European Union? How about clinton that brought home a white house server that ended up manipulating the NYSE stocks and or the communications that was forged to russia that murdered countless human beings? When are they going to put hunter in jail of the national security risk he caused or the chinese teens he abused according to live aired reports?

    • Thanks for your comments. Bill Clinton was a far from perfect president, although many good things happened under his watch. In my view, he lied to Congress and should have been censored for it. Joe Biden is not perfect either, but for the large part is a good man. The Hunter Biden story seems to be blown way out of proportion as a means to distract from people trying to hold the most recent former president accountable for his involvement in the insurrection against Congress. What seems to be lost on many fans of his is Republicans are testfiying under oath about their concerns. That is meaningful, especially when they are getting vilified for speaking the truth and receiving death threats. That is what I believe as an independent and former Republican voter. Again, thanks for your comment. Keith

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