Monday, Monday – a few this and that(s)

Since our friend Jill recently posted “California Dreaming” by the Mamas and Papas, let me use the title of another one of their songs to begin the week. Here are few items to chew on for the week:

  • Since January 6, 2021, I have felt the political career of the former president is over. But, I felt it would take some time for the Republican party to figure that out. To be honest, it has taken a little longer, but that is due to active sycophants who are scared to tell the MAGA crowd the truth.
  • The great unraveling is occurring with donors getting tired of the “sh** show” as one referred to Trump’s antics and an increasing number of conservative icons speaking out. The latest is Brian Kilmeade, who is one of hosts on Fox and Friends. His criticism speaks volumes as he has fawned over Trump for years.
  • I also heard that Trump is riveted to the hearings and is in furor with no one there to defend the indefensible – that Trump betrayed his country. He is blaming everyone else but the guy watching the TV from his home. The fact he is not accountable for his own actions has long been a weakness of the former president, but we have to remember his mentor, attorney Roy Cohn told him to “never apologize and to sue everyone” per his biographers.
  • I do think the odds-on favorite to the GOP nomination in 2024 is Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. As an independent, this troubles me as I see a more effective mini-Trump in DeSantis who bullies people into acquiescence. The GOP could do much better with ex-govenors Mitch Daniels or John Kasich, but they do not stand a chance in hell, given they are more moderate and collaborative. Like Trump, the truth is a foreign currency to DeSantis, even before becoming governor.
  • SCOTUS has made two horrible rulings the past ten days to appease two different crowds of people. Roe v. Wade being changed gets the most notoriety. They took a fifty-year-old law that had been reduced to a workable framework and decided to gut it. So, now we will have a confederation of state laws. What is interesting to me, there were enough votes in Congress to pass some continuation of Roe v. Wade and may still be there, but it will require very narrow focus and not an expanded one. I think once Republicans realize this ruling is not a winner, some may want to come to the table, but that window for change may have closed.
  • The second ruling allowed people to more openly carry a gun overturning a New York law. This occurred a few days before Congress passed some watered governance changes, but at least they did do something. The SCOTUS ruling concerns me as mixing testosterone, alcohol and a firearms means more gun deaths. Mixing depression and gun access means more suicides. To be frank, people carrying guns does not make me feel safer given the temperature of too many in our country. People wound too tight might shoot first and talk second.
  • As for shootings, the beat goes on. More occurred yesterday. Plus, the US has exported mass shootings to other civilized countries, Norway being the most recent example. Given our fascination with guns and freedoms to use them, I truly don’t think we will ever solve this problem unless we make more demonstrative changes. I am glad something was done, but it was not near enough. But, it is a start. Sadly, the SCOTUS ruling may erase the chalk on the board where the new law is written.

That is all for now. Let me know your thoughts.

15 thoughts on “Monday, Monday – a few this and that(s)

  1. Note to Readers: It has been written about in news reports and in this and other blogs that Russia’s aggressive aspirations exceed their ability to finance them. Yesterday, Russia defaulted on its bonds, which they deny. It has been clear from early on, Putin did not expect this much push back and it has cost him and his country in reputation and money. They could still prevail, but the cost has been dear. Zelenskyy stood up to the bully and made him fight.

  2. You’ve about summed up the last week in a nutshell, my friend. It reads somewhat like a dystopian novel, doesn’t it? And yet … this is our reality today. Is it any wonder that some mornings when the clock goes off I simply have zero desire to get out of bed? But, there’s a fight waiting … and I’m a fighter.

    If I had to sum up our problems here in the U.S. in just a few words, I would use “ignorance” “selfishness”, “lack of education”, and “lack of motivation”. Too many in this nation are followers, not thinkers. They don’t research issues, but rather rely on what they are told by the representatives of whichever party they have chosen to follow. Facts and truth are merely matters of opinion in their minds.

    Good post!

    • Jill, we have too many tails wagging the dog. The voice of a strident minority is being amplified to garner votes. The same is true with the strident gun owners – most gun owners are not strident and support better governance. So, it is like the Wild West meets The Hand Maid’s Tale.

      I want people in office who will be rational and collaborative and not extreme. The same is true of SCOTUS. And, justices should not be advocating what cases to bring them. That is not jurisprudence – that is solicitation.


      • The Wild West meets The Hand Maid’s Tale … a perfect analogy!!! I only wish I felt or could foresee a positive outcome, but at the moment I do not. Do you?

      • Jill, the only way to beat a bully is to stand up to him. Think Zelenskyy v Putin. Putin did not count on that. The Republican party has pulled on the Trump persona and is combative with its positioning. The way to stand up to them is register to vote, know the rules that have been modified to keep you from voting and go out and vote. A few million people marches would also help. Dems are not perfect, but they need to get their act together. This complacency is how the court ended up with three more conservative justices and we pulled out of the Paris Climate change conference. Don’t complain later. Vote. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I did read that a Focus group facilitator, who has done a series of such groups with MAGA fans for many months, reported something of interest this week. The MAGA fans may still like Trump, but she says out of her last two MAGA groups, no one wanted Trump to run again. That is ZERO. They are tired of his constant diatribe on the 2020 election. It has become boring.

  4. Sometimes I question my own understanding? Am I too naive? Or would it really be that easy to simply stop doing what we experienced painfully for decades? Weapons, destroying our planet, war… Am I so naive? Money still talks so much louder than the will to survive… or makes us blind to realize that it can lead us to our own extinction.

    • Erika, not naive, too hopeful maybe. When people make weapons, they tend to use them. This is true whether it is the military or civilians. When people make energy that abuses the environment and make money off it, they tend to keep doing it. There is a principle that should be applied to every investment in manufacturing called “The Precautionary Principle.” This principle says if what you are doing may harm the environment, you should stop and prove that it does not before you begin again. Yet, that costs money. Keith

      • That is the problem with everything that has ever been invented. You can use it for or against something… now, throw money in, and the eyes turn into 🤑
        That principle only works when you don’t put yoursefl first, and I think that needs to change too. Also, you can all it reason to stop or not begin something that could hit you in the face like a boomerang.

      • Erika, not to say all developers are like this, but too many want to get a project done and leave the problems and clean-up costs for someone else. It is sadly ironic that one of the causes of some cancers is environmental, but we don’t investigate those causes as much as we should. They make movies “Erin Brockovich” or “Dark Waters” eg, when people make the connection. Keith

  5. The Russians are running into battlefield problems. If we can get enough weapons to the Ukrainians pronto, they may be able to deal a decisive blow. So says Leon Panetta—not known for wild speculation.

    On the home front, the Jan 6th Committee just announced a surprise hearing for tomorrow; that can only be good news for our country. My favorite comment to date:

    “Those hearings are so one-sided. All the people testifying against Trump are Republicans!”

    • Annie, that is good to hear about Russia’s woes. As for the hearings, we shall wait and see. The fact these are Republicans speaking about the former president’s sedition makes it more impactful. Keith

      • It certainly does increase the impact. And while the hearings appear to be moving public opinion, they are important for history alone.

      • Annie, your point on history is key. We have known all along he would not be remembered well, but it is far worse than we could have predicted. He is ranked by historians as the 5th worst president ever, but he is not going to end up any higher than that over time. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: It was a privilege to see a public servant like Cassidy Hutchinson show political courage and honor her oath to the constitution. Her difficult testimony to the House select committee needs to be both commended and heeded. As former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said he knows Hutchinson and believes her. In contrast, people who know Mark Meadows and Donald Trump don’t believe them. Their history does not warrant such trust.

    Her testimony and that of others through emails and texts on January 6, 2021, paints a “disgusting” picture of the former president’s seditious and deceitful actions leading up to the insurrection on a branch of government. Also, he showed little regard for the folks he endangered. Trump claims Mike Pence is a “wimp” and deserved be hanged shows a disturbing lack of character of the former president.

    It will not surprise me if the former president and his allies are charged with seditious actions. He cannot blame anyone but himself for his actions.

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