Cassidy Hutchinson – testimony exudes courage and honor

It was a privilege to see a public servant like Cassidy Hutchinson show political courage and honor her oath to the constitution. Her difficult testimony to the House select committee needs to be both commended and heeded. As former Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney said he knows Hutchinson and believes her. In contrast, people who know Mark Meadows and Donald Trump don’t believe them. Their history does not warrant such trust.

Her testimony and that of others through emails and texts on January 6, 2021, paints a “disgusting” picture of the former president’s seditious and deceitful actions leading up to the insurrection on a branch of government. Also, he showed little regard for the folks he endangered. Trump claims Mike Pence is a “wimp” and deserved be hanged shows a disturbing lack of character of the former president.

It will not surprise me if the former president and his allies are charged with seditious actions. He cannot blame anyone but himself for his actions.

*Note: The following article by Rex Huppke in The USA Today entitled “Cassidy Hutchinson puts her former boss and assorted Trump-supporting cowards to shame” is worth a quick read. This quote struck me:

“But until those calling Hutchinson a liar do what she did – testify under oath before a congressional committee – their words hold the combined worth of Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Airlines and Trump University.

46 thoughts on “Cassidy Hutchinson – testimony exudes courage and honor

  1. Note to Readers: Please take note of the staff and Congressional allies who are more vehement in their denouncing of Ms. Hutchinson’s testimony. The ones who have culpability (such as those who asked for pardons and denied they did) will be more zealous in their criticism.

    The question that fails to get answered is why would Cassidy Hutchinson, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, and many others who have spoken out against the actions and words of the former president do so when they know they will be vilified and get death threats. They know yet do it anyway. Why is that?

    • Because they have that thing that many in the Republican Party, including Donald Trump, are lacking. It’s called courage, it’s called honour, it’s called “doing the right thing”.

      • Jill, agreed. Three terms that are not top of mind to define the former president or his allies. I did see where Lev Parnas was sentenced for twenty months for fraud. Parnas was a resource to Rudy Giuliani as he tried to discover and create dirt on Hunter Biden in Ukraine. While it was a separate crime, it reveals the nature of who Giuliani worked with. Keith

      • Indeed, I was pleased to read of Parnas’ sentence, and his buddy Igor Fruman was sentenced to a year in prison back in January. But now I want to see Giuliani, Bannon, Eastman and others pay for their crimes as well.

      • Jill, it would be nice to see those behind bars, but it would be nicer to see Mark Meadows and Donald Trump charged, tried and found guilty. Yet, they may get those three first. Too many have suffered because of the former president, that he should have to be held to account. What may be ironic is they are found guilty of obstruction of justice. Keith

      • Oh yes … definitely! If they are not held to account for their evil deeds, then it is almost a certainty I think that a more efficient, more dastardly January 6th will occur in 2025 after the 2024 election if the Republicans lose. The Republican Party has so undermined its own self that I don’t think they could win the presidency again based only on ideology, but would need to lie, cheat and steal … which they’ve shown already that they are perfectly willing to do. I want to see the whole lot of them either in prison, or at the very least convicted of a felony and thus ineligible for office going forward.

      • Thanks Jill. The demographic projections for the GOP scare them, so they know they must cheat to win by vote restrictions. This has been going on in earnest since the 2010 midterms and census year converging at the same time. If the gain majorities in both houses and the White House, there will be more restrictions to our democracy that favors an oligarchy of business leaders. All of these subgroups the GOP placates are easy foils toward that purpose. Dems are far more perfect, but at least they are talking about health care, child care, infrastructure, climate change, environment, job retraining, etc.

      • You’re exactly right. And, while there is plenty of blame to go around, including We the People for being rather apathetic about voting, I hold Mitch McConnell responsible for a large portion of the blame. But, pointing the finger of blame doesn’t solve the problem, does it? I think the upcoming election and the one in 2024 may well determine the ultimate fate not only of this nation, but of the larger world. Sigh.

  2. Yers, my thoughts exactly, what would they gain from lying?? But people won’t believe what they don’t want to believe, no matter how much evidence there is!

    • Joy, it is true. We just got through watching the excellent movie “Spotlight” about the Boston Globe reporters who broke the Boston priest sexual abuse scandal around 2002. Long time church goers had a hard time believing some of their priests were pedophiles. But, there were over known 1,000 victims and 130 priests.

      The blind faith in an individual prevents his followers from acknowledging that person’s wrong doing. I read a good editorial piece where the newspaper wrote about Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ cowardice in refusing to act or contravene with the former president’s wishes. Hutchinson confirmed that BOTH people knew of the weapons and potential for violence. And, it “disgusted” her using her word. Their vile instigation and acquiescence of the insurrection disgusts me as well as those who rationalize it even today.


    • Erika, I would not use the word insane to describe him, but I would use the term sociopathic to define his behavior. Narcissists have a lot of the same traits as everything revolves around that person. Yet, the blatant disregard on the impact on others is what makes the former president more dangerous in my view, than the typical narcissist. That is sociopathic behavior.

      He did not seem to care that people supporting him would be in danger and go to jail. He did not seem to care that any Congressperson, even Republicans, would be in danger. He did not seem to care that his own loyal VP Mike Pence was in danger and he even encouraged and said he deserved his demise.

      He betrayed his country. He betrayed his supporters. He betrayed his oath. He is not just rough around the edges. He endangered people. That is what I believe. Keith

      • You are right, that’s a better term. And that’s what is the problem, he has never been a president with the attitude of being a father for the country. He only wanted to build himself a monument. It has always only been about him, not about the best for the country or its inhabitants. And he thought he had complete freedom to do whatever he feels to, that he was above law. Thank God, those 4 years are over.

  3. Ms. Hutchinson is what a true ‘hero’ looks like. She put her own life in danger to do the right thing, for the good of the nation. Those higher up the ladder couldn’t bring themselves to do the same, for their #1 concern was their own political future, not the future of the nation and its people. My hat is off to this courageous young woman.

    • Jill, editorial board of The Charlotte Observer wrote today of the cowardice of Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows who sat there and would not defy or try to talk the former president out of his role in the insurrection and seditious actions to endanger people, including his supporters. Keith

      • Good! I wonder if Meadows is starting to feel the heat and regret his role … oh no, wait … that would require that he have a conscience, which apparently he does not.

      • Jill, to you point, when you fly to close to the Trump sun, you will get burned. My guess is the majority of folks who ever worked with Trump have come to regret it. The happiest people are the ones who turned him down. Keith

  4. Casey is a very strong and brave woman for stepping up to out the evil-doings going on in that administration. I wish there were more people like her that would make sure that 2024 does not have Agent Orange on the ballots. I pray for our country because it is so unrecognizable, but Casey Hutchinson gives me hope.

    • Amy, the courage abounds. A word that is foreign to the former president, his allies and silent Republicans who looked the other way. Keith

  5. You’re post note sums up the despicable cowardice and fear of the former disgraced president and his Allie’s also in fear of legal action. They are plotting to discredit this brave woman. As if we didn’t know this would happen.

    • Holly, I love the Washington Examiner comment. Until someone disagrees with her under oath, it is just jawboning. I read they moved up her testimony due to the danger she was in. It speaks volumes of the lack of defense of the former president that he and his sycophants have to resort to name calling and threats. She has more courage than the former president and any of his followers. The former president continues to call Mike Pence a “wimp” when Trump is not man enough to admit he lost the election.


      • I’m sure she was in danger. They are no less dangerous than the mob. Pence needs to come forward and tell his story. He still seems to want to stay on the good side of Trump or not to antagonize him, a man who would have enjoyed seeing him attacked and perhaps killed by the mob.

      • Holly, I read where the Hutchinson bashing had begun by Trump and his allies. Trump, of course, said he did not know her and heard bad things about her. This is why Mulvaney’s comments are relevant. As for Trump, his knowing her is not relevant as much as Hutchinson knowing Trump.

        My strong comment to the Trump allies is do you really want to defend the indefensible? Do you really want to continue to throw your reputation away on a person who sicced his dogs on you?


      • It’s the same story ,Trump always denies “knowing “ them, yet they are and get because he somehow “slighted” them. Revenge is his mo!

      • Holly, Trump Senior is calling her a “social climber” while Junior is calling her a “coffee girl.” An impressive woman testified under oath after loyally following Trump Senior and with knowledge of threats. And, the two Donalds name call her for her troubles. That speaks volumes. Keith

      • Holly, the Republicans in Congress have had several opportunities to keep the lid on Pandora’s Box. They needed just ten more Senators to convict him in the Senate after his second impeachment in the House. They could have weathered that storm from his fervent base as they had justification after the January 6 insurrection. Keith

      • Holly, until people stand up under oath and say things, they really don’t have substance in their criticism. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: Readers of my blog know I detest name calling and labeling as a means of argument as it is an attempt to mask the name caller has not much of an argument. In one of many attempts to discredit Cassidy Hutchinson, Donald Trump, Jr. said Hutchinson was merely a “coffee girl.” I will let this comment marinate on its own without further commentary.

    • PS – Per an editorial in the conservative Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan writes:

      “Only a woman would have done what Cassidy Hutchinson did because only a woman, in a place of such power and prestige, would have registered everything and taken such close notes instead of spending that time swanning around being important.

      Here she was, all by herself, 26 years old, in front of the whole country.

      I found her testimony to the Jan. 6 committee entirely credible. If she lied I see no motive. Any who know otherwise, who can rebut what she said, should come forward and, like her, testify under oath.”

      • PSS – It is reported that someone who knows Mark Meadows tried to influence the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson. The conversation reads like it came out of “The Godfather.” Of course, this would not be the first time Trump’s managerial style is compared to that of a mafia boss.

  7. Her testimony was so thoughtful and powerful. I hope she and her family are safe.

    The only thing you’ve written that I can’t agree with is that Trump “cannot blame anyone but himself” if he and his allies are charged with seditious actions. Trump will ALWAYS blame anyone but himself.

    • Janis, I agree. As for your push back, I should have said “should not” rather than “cannot.” He of course will blame everyone else. By the way, CNN has a report that Hutchinson was one of the people Trump’s allies tried to coerce. That hopefully will scare others into telling the truth like she did. Keith

  8. The behaviour of Trump and the fanatics with him remind me of an item in MAD magazine from the early 1970s, although this was geared to lower level, double-dealing, but now seems prescient.
    The theme was that parents should not worry about the bad behaviour of their children as this signifies a promising career in politics… Two captions one as the child, and the next the same actions translated to adulthood
    The one caption which springs to mind was of the child being challenged by their parent over a list of bad deeds and bullying, the child dismissively one hand up saying ‘They’re lying and you’re picking on me. I’m not listening,’ The parallel caption. The child now an adult politician being challenged by a reporter about charges of corruption and misuse of officer, the politician with the same expression and gesture of the child saying ‘I will not dignify those slurs with a reply. Next question please,’
    Trump’s response would of course be a tantrum, but the principal remains the same.
    1972 that came out. In those days we could smile wryly about it.
    The days of laughter are over.

  9. Note to Readers: One key point that should be highlighted above others – the insurrection on the Capitol building does not occur if anyone else is president at the time. It does not get any simpler than that. Yet, the fact the extreme faction of Donald J. Trump fans were there is due to his Big Lie and his invitation and instigation. What Trump fans fail to realize, taking Donald J. Trump at his word puts his fans in danger as well as their targets. Many have pleaded guilty or were found guilty and some folks got hurt or died. Plus, this person made the United States look like a Banana Republic. All because his shallow ego cannot allow him to admit he lost an election.

  10. Note to Readers: I find it amusing the allies of the former president choose to believe him when he has an extensive and recorded history of being untruthful. I find it amusing that his allies have a hard time with believing the former president is mercurial when it is widely reported his staff walk on egg shells around him. I find it amusing that his allies continue to support a bogus election fraud claim that he has been unable to prove in court, cannot prove with recounts, and been told by his Attorney General his claims are BS and his election security director that it was the most secure election in our history. Of course, they were treated like he does with others who contradict him – he fired them. The insurrection simply does not happen if Donald J. Trump were not president.

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