When real people are used as pawns

Three governors of states have decided to play with people’s lives in an overt way to win some delusional wedge issue to garner votes. These governors have decided to transport migrants and refugees from Venezuela and other places to Democrat majority cities for them to deal with the problem. Our friend Jill has a good piece on the subject which I will link to below.

Here a few thoughts that share how I feel about stepping on the neck of the disenfranchised:

If grandstanding were an Olympic sport, these three prone-to-exaggerating governors would vie for the Gold. If bullying the disenfranchised were a Commandment, these three prone-to-condescending governors would be very pious. If letting your dog go in your neighbors yard without clean-up was a character trait, then these prone-to-screwing-people governors would be honorable..

The migrant stunt is just poor form, but not outside of these three governors’ modus operandi. I did read the migrant stunt is not playing well with Latino Americans in South Florida, nor should it. People need to recognize when folks are grandstanding, bullying and screwing people like these governors often do. 

With that said, I am all for healthy and civil debate on how to help and deal with the influx of people from other places. Ironically, before he turn and ran from his greatest legislative achievement, Senator Marco Rubio (of that very same South Florida) was part of a gang of eight Senators who helped pass a pretty good immigration bill in 2013. The Speaker of the House chose not to bring it to a vote, although it would have passed, because Republicans felt it was a better election issue if left unpassed. This is the same reason the last former president was talked out of his wall funding for DACA deal the same day he agreed to it.

Working together should not be as hard as the elected officials have made it. My strong advice is stop the grandstanding and get in a room and work things out. Truth telling and civility would be helpful.

14 thoughts on “When real people are used as pawns

  1. Let the issues of illegal immigrants be our opponents’ problems, transporting them to, the states with majority of the voters who are, against us, that’s the Republican way of solving that, problem all right!

    • I cannot argue with your assertion. I mention the gang of eight Senate bill with purpose. Speaker John Boehner had been ridiculed by his party leadership for passing bills with some Republican support and full Democrat support. The Senate passed this pretty good immigration bill, but he was told not to let it come to vote in the House. Because it sat there for over a year, Obama did the executive order on DACA. So, instead of solving for a problem, the GOP punted as they saw a winner politically to let a problem fester. To make matters even more ironic, when Rubio ran for president in 2016, he ridiculed the very bill he helped pass. In a nutshell, this is why I get frustrated with politicians. They expect us not to pay attention. So, when Republicans complain about our immigration problem, we should remember the gang of eight bill. Keith

  2. DeSantis is a heartless fascist who bullies children for wearing a mask during a pandemic, he has no shame and the Republican Maga party love this kind of cruel grandstanding. Even the Cubans , predominately Republican who are so afraid of the word socialism they exaggerate every thing progressive are put off as they are recent immigrants ( welcomed with open arms I might add). If DeSantis is not stopped we will have another tyrant sitting in the White House.

  3. Holly, as you know, shaming does not work with him as he just sees it as a badge of honor. He has acted the way he does dating back to when he bullied folks as a congressman. The only thing that will work is if he loses votes costing him the election. Keith

  4. My strong advice … — Unfortunately, the chances of your advice be followed are nil. I mean, think about it. That would be taking away all the fun and grandstanding these politicians so enjoy!

    Even so, your advice is spot-on. 👍

    • Thanks Nan. I agree the likelihood of someone who gets away with how he or she acts actually changing is nil. The only way to beat a bully is standing up to him, in this case not voting for him. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: Politicians who use people as pawns is disturbing on so many levels. We expect this from an autocratic ruler, but we are supposed to be better than this, recognizing we often fall short. Nonetheless, we need to call elected officials on the carpet when they purposefully lie, cheat, bully and denigrate. Otherwise, they will feel they can do such with impunity. What DeSantis, Abbott and Ducey have done and are doing is wrong. And, they need to hear from people.

  6. I still have steam coming out of my ears over the antics of DeSantis and Abbott, and I understand DeSantis has sent still more immigrants northward-bound. My fondest hope is that this blows up in their faces! Thanks for the shout-out, my friend!

    • Roger, while people on both sides have a tendency to grandstand, it does seem to be a core attribute of the GOP these days. I read yesterday that the GOP does not want to do debates. To me, when you have no second sentence, then maybe you should not debate. Issues are not getting discussed because of the antics and grandstanding going on sucking the oxygen out of the room. Keith

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