Let’s be different and call it an Orange Friday

Black Friday started as a day of shopping for others, but has turned into a month long inventory close out event for personal shoppers. Oh, a few gifts are bought, as well. I have never cared for Black Friday, so when we visited my grandparents for Thanksgiving, I would always take my cousin and sister to a movie on Black Friday. It was a lot quieter then.

So, rather than call it Black Friday, let’s call it Orange. As per the show about women in prison, “Orange is the new black.” I am not saying we are all prisoners of the retail engine, but we should just use a more fun color and do something different. Orange is brighter and more vibrant.

In our family, we have a larger dinner gathering with multiple siblings and cousins where we can knock out more leftovers after our smaller Thanksgiving meals. Yes, I will be eating more today. So, more hiking, Yoga and Pilates will be required.

A few odds and ends for this Orange Friday are as follows:

In Alaska, the votes are tallied and the results are favorable. Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, one of the few Republicans with the courage to stare down and call out the deceitful actions of the former president, won her Senate race. And, Native Alaskan and Democrat Mary Peltola won her Congressional seat defeating former governor and vice president candidate Sarah Palin. It should be noted the former president endorsed the opposition in both races, so this adds two more to the tally of failed candidates under his purview.

In Oakland, a new mayor was voted in named Sheng Thao, a progressive who defeated the moderate Loren Taylor. What proves interesting is Thao was at one time a homeless person after a split up from her abusive husband fifteen years ago. Plus, she is the first woman of Hmong descent to ever be elected mayor. Her parents were refugees.

I find these two sets of stories very compelling. To me, they show more glimmers of hope that Democracy can survive when too many folks are trying to bully, lie and cheat their way into office. It is not surprising that outgoing Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro is contending his election loss (this was an easy prediction of a few weeks ago), nor is it surprising that Kari Lake won’t concede her Arizona governor race loss, even though the existing Republican governor is welcoming incoming Democrat winner Katie Hobbs. Both Lake and Bolsonaro like to emulate the former US president and his penchant for tossing the checkerboard when he loses.

So, let’s celebrate an Orange Friday. Enjoy your families, enjoy the day and enjoy that the candidates who emulate the orange hair guy did not win.


24 thoughts on “Let’s be different and call it an Orange Friday

  1. Since Thanksgiving is a US holiday, Black Friday also originated in the US. But for quite a few years even over here you have Black Friday sales on that day or for the whole week. Commerce has it, regardless of culture or traditions.
    Keith, can you tell me, why it is actually called Black Friday? That question just popped up in my mind.

      • Erika, Janis, here is what Brittanica said:

        “It is believed by many that the term Black Friday derives from the concept that businesses operate at a financial loss, or are ‘in the red,’ until the day after Thanksgiving, when massive sales finally allow them to turn a profit, or put them ‘in the black.’ However, this is untrue.

        A more accurate explanation of the term dates back to the early 1960s, when police officers in Philadelphia began using the phrase ‘Black Friday’ to describe the chaos that resulted when large numbers of suburban tourists came into the city to begin their holiday shopping and, in some years, attend Saturday’s annual Army-Navy football game. The huge crowds created a headache for the police, who worked longer shifts than usual as they dealt with traffic jams, accidents, shoplifting, and other issues.“


  2. Not sure I go along with your suggested “color” since it is so closely associated with a certain EX U.S. President. Personally, I would prefer not to be reminded of this individual any more than necessary. Perhaps Red Friday since most folks’ budgets will probably end up there at the end of their shopping spree?

  3. For me, Black Friday is always a day for quiet and rest, being exhausted from all the cooking the two days prior! The girls can go shopping or whatever they want — just leave me alone to read and snooze intermittently!

    I was happy for both Murkowski and Peltola! Murkowski is one of the few Republicans these days for whom I have respect, and it speaks volumes that she won despite her opposition to Trump and his antics. And Peltola is the first Native American to be elected from Alaska … a milestone … plus this makes Sarah Palin a three-time loser. Perhaps it’s time for Palin to seek a new career! I hadn’t heard of Thao in Oakland, but that is a great win, and what makes it best in my view is that she will understand the plight of poor people, having ‘been there, done that’.

    I hope you enjoy your 2nd Thanksgiving today, my friend! I shall enjoy my day of doing nothing useful!

  4. The UK has imported Black Friday and some of the accompanying hysteria, although this year muted by various other issues. The only US holiday or ‘event to make folk buy stuff’ UK commerce has not managed to import is Thanksgiving (I’m sure someone is working on it).
    I was glad to read you had a good Thanksgiving Keith, so many folk dread an approaching holiday.
    Poor colour ‘Orange’ it will now be tainted forever, about sums up the fellow he is quite the plague isn’t he? Whatever he touches. Still it was a good idea to think of a different colour ‘Black’ in the UK is often used in the media to describe some sort of disaster, ironically often financial: Black Wednesday 16th September 1992 (withdrew from the EMS financial system) or Black Monday 19th October 1987 (that one was world-wide..stock markets).
    Best wishes to you and your Keith.

    • Thanks Roger. It is amazing how a color can mean good or bad depending the context. In the black is good, but having a black mood is not. Thanks for the well wishes, my friend. Have a great holiday season. Keith

  5. Dear Keith,

    Thanks for sharing the good news regarding election wins by the Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski and the Native Alaskan Democrat Mary Peltola for Alaska’s Congressional seat as well as Sheng Thao, the progressive newly elected mayor of Oakland, CA.

    I no longer enjoy participating in the craziness of “Black Friday” like I have in the past. It’s no longer a fun event. Calling it an Orange Day sounds okay.

    Like you, Jill and Holly, I did enjoy my Thanksgiving Day.

    Hugs, Gronda

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