A conservative pundit calls it what it is

In an article in Raw Story by Tom Boggioni called “Trump finally committed ‘political suicide’ with his latest ‘stupid’ comments: conservative,” he notes the comments of conservative David Strom about the double-down statements of the former president on terminating the constitution so he can regain power.

“In a column for the highly conservative Hot Air, Republican speechwriter David Strom expressed his disgust at Donald Trump’s call for ‘the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution‘ because he thinks the 2020 election was stolen from him.

As Strom sees it, the former president — whom he believes has previously flirted with destroying his political career — finally committed ‘political suicide’ and will never recover.

Writing, ‘It’s like a social science experiment with 350 million participants. Researchers are asking: just how batsh!t crazy does a person have to be to lose 95% of their fans? For some reason, Trump has decided to participate as the experimental subject,’ Strom added, ‘There are several obvious things about Trump’s statement that are simply politically stupid. Like, really really stupid. Assuming there were no legal or ethical barriers to either calling a new election or suspending the Constitution (stay with me here, I know that is insane!), it is still politically stupid.'”

Dating back to the day after the January 6, 2021 insurrection, I have felt the former president’s political career was over. I still think that. But, I also knew it would take many Republicans and eventually some of his MAGA supporters time to realize that was the case. To be frank, the biggest death knell had less to do with the latest inane, untruthful or mean-spirited comment or action of the former president, but more to do with the failure of his shadow to provide more wins in the mid-terms. His presence actually was unhelpful to more than it helped.

Yet, just prior and since those elections, the former president has gone further off the reservation with his comments and actions, the above reference being one of them. And for him to think having dinner with two well-known antisemitic and conspiracy parroting people is just as crazy as the above reference to bat excrement to define his desires to terminate the constitution. For him to say he did not know these folks were bad news is just a crock, as he should have known if he didn’t. Yet, in my view he is being untruthful as he most often is with his remarks.

I actually like David Strom as I find he has tended to articulate his opinions in a well-thought out manner, even when I do not agree with them. I think this latest reference to the former president is revealing how people are tired of being too polite and should call the actions of the former president what they really are. Per his niece and other sources, the former president does not like being called a “loser,” so I am pretty confident he will not care for his actions being called “stupid” or “bat-sh*t crazy.”

As the blooms continues to fall of the Trump rose, we will witness further melt-downs. The surest sign of the dying blooms is the greater license for elected Republicans to criticize his actions. These frequency of these comments has significantly increased and will likely increase even more.


10 thoughts on “A conservative pundit calls it what it is

  1. His rhetoric and bad behaviour is escalating, and while I realize he is a person without a conscience, his two latest faux pas are beyond insane. I begin to wonder if he has a brain tumour or something that is causing him to lose whatever small grip he once had on reality. Fortunately, he is not sitting in the Oval Office, but rather is a private citizen with no real power beyond what the Republicans choose to give him, else I fear he would commandeer the military to take over the country, shut down voting altogether in 2024, and recognize him as some form of “Supreme Dictator”. In any other free nation, he would be either in prison or dead by now for his words and actions against the nation and its people. Too bad his parents aren’t still alive … I’d start a class-action lawsuit against them for producing such an abomination.

    • Jill, indeed they are escalating. If you ever want to see what an adult “hissy fit” looks like, just continue to watch Trump. He acts like a little girl who gets her dress stuck over her head when she tries to remove it without unbuttoning it. Keith

      • Jill, feel free to share it. Remember when the former president took offense that Melissa McCarthy played the male Sean Spicer on SNL? It would unhinge Mr. Trump to know his tantrums are being contrasted to a frustrated little girl. Keith

    • Linda, I fully understand. There is an old Dylan song called “Masters of War” where one line is to “make sure they (the Masters of War) are dead” to do us no further harm. Keith

  2. I think anyone with an ounce of sense (common or otherwise) thinks (or thought long since) that not only was (is) Trump unfit to be president, he is unfit for anything being the a-hole party boy he always has been. I remember him from when I lived in New York and he was considered a moron by almost everyone 30 years ago. It took a deranged national audience to give him “credence.” The thing is, there are so many cabal-nicks who think they are getting The Truth on Twitter. It’s really hard for me to imagine where these people are coming from mentally and emotionally. To me, they are quite loathsome as human beings and too stupid to chew gum and walk simultaneously.

    • Marilyn, you are so correct to point out that the former president has acted in this bullying and deceitful manner long before he ever became president. He did not just start when he came down the escalator to announce his candidacy. Keith

      • I know. That was why — especially for those of us that “grew up” with him as the ultimate dumb party guy — realizing that somehow, we’d elected him PRESIDENT. Ye gods! What is WRONG with people!

      • Marilyn, agreed. Anyone who would pretend to be his own PR guy to call into a famous NYC gossip show and brag on Donald Trump’s sex life is not a serious minded person. Keith

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