Have you ever noticed?

Have you ever noticed it is nigh impossible to move cooked rice from one container to another without spilling rice on the counter?

Have you ever noticed how the people who brag on how tough they are almost always are not that tough?

Have you ever noticed how often your dog wants to be petted after you wash your hands before dinner?

Have you ever noticed how many politicians are like weather vanes and change directions when the wind blows?

Have you ever noticed how salad dressing easily misses your napkin and finds your shirt when it splatters?

Have you ever noticed how winning is more important than playing fairly in too many people’s minds?

Have you ever noticed how a red piece of clothing can hide so easily among white clothes in the washer?

Have you ever noticed how lying is not as great a sin as it used to be and being caught in a lie is less shameful?

Have you ever noticed how smaller containers of leftovers can so easily find the back of refrigerators?

Have you ever noticed how courage is harder to recognize when the person is arguing against your point of view?

Have you ever noticed how things you did not like to eat as a child taste pretty good now?

Let me know some of your “Have you ever noticed?”


17 thoughts on “Have you ever noticed?

  1. Have you ever noticed that when you step foot into a car dealership, time slows down by a factor of 120 times the passage of time in the real world so that when you finally leave, even though it feels like a month, it’s really only been 3 to 6 hours?

    They should really use that technology for more constructive purposes.

    Have you noticed that whenever you’re having a technical problem with a device, when you finally get support on the phone, you can no longer demonstrate the thing that was previously going wrong?

    finally, a little entertainment for you, one of my favorite bits about food, refrigerators and leftovers.

  2. Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a hurry, everything takes longer?

    Have you ever noticed that clutter multiplies overnight?

    Fun post … I can relate to many of your examples! I could probably think of more if I tried.

  3. They call them dust bunnies for a reason. A short – order cook isn’t really short. How reciting the Pledge of Allegiance became a bad thing? And I hear sounds in the middle of the night that I never hear during the day. And where are all my lost socks hiding? Love this post and your examples Keith. Hugs, C

  4. OMG, I can relate to so many of your “have you ever noticed…” maybe they only made me aware of them… lol. Unfortunately, nothing else comes to my mind spontaneously.

  5. Have you ever noticed that when you scroll into followed blogs such as the erudite prognostications on musingsofanoldfart you are never left doubled up with laughter as I am today. Keith, an absolutely cracking post, love this ‘departure’ from normal, more power to you! David

  6. A fun post!
    Have you ever noticed that your children can be right next to you when you talk to them, and won’t hear a word you say. But can be down the hall when you are talking to your spouse and they magically hear every word. Back when my kids were little at least. Their ears have grown better over the years. LOL!

  7. Note to Readers: From today, my wife suggested the following:

    Have you ever noticed when you quickly go to the store dressed in comfy and less stylish clothes, the odds of you running into a well-dressed friend are increased?

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