We need Trump – Really?

I saw a MAGA fan of the former president holding up a sign that said “We need Trump.” My response is “really?” A person voted by over 150 presidential historians as in the bottom five as one of the worst presidents ever? I am sure this poll of historians does not make many far right’ news blips.

The rationale for such a low rating, per one of the historians who so voted, is on top of his policy decisions and making America’s standing in the world fall, his poor handling of the COVID pandemic and his role in the seditious insurrection against a branch of government pull him down. It is not a surprise that his sycophants are trying to re-write history on these two issues.

But, these two issues do not stand alone. Here are a few other things to chew on:

  • His one focus his first year was to take away people’s healthcare which would have harmed his constituents as well as other Americans. Thank goodness his efforts failed as a Republican led Congress could not come up with a suitable replacement or follow a better process to get there.
  • He decided to set aside a regulation that would require investment advisors to be fiduciaries, meaning they would be responsive to the needs of their customers first and foremost. In other words, this populist president sided with the investment sellers not the buyers. (Sidebar – investors should insist their advisors be fiduciaries).
  • He decided to place tariffs on goods and services from China and our allies, which caused rebuttal tariffs on US goods. History has shown tariffs are not very successful at their stated goals and the consumers are the ones who are punished (he consistently lied about the impact on consumers, as well). He also upset both supply and sales chains, causing buyers and sellers to take action.
  • He took credit for turning the economy around, but he inherited an economy that was in its 91st consecutive month of GDP growth, with 2 + million per annum job growth for six straight years, and a more than doubled stock market from his predecessor. It did continue on his watch, was made better by a sugar rush of a tax cut before waning  and then going into recession with the pandemic.
  • He passed a tax cut that primarily benefitted the wealthy and corporations providing some breaks for lower paid workers but punishing the middle class with caps on state and local tax deductions. This not only increased the debt by about $2 trillion per the CBO, but it only gave us a brief increase in the economy for a brief time (like a sugar rush).
  • He pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Change Accord making us a significant outlier in the fight against global warming. Note, this change was made a day after Exxon shareholders voted to require management to advise them on what they are doing to fight climate change.
  • He elevated the exposure of far right, white nationalist groups allowing them to come out in the open. One of the worst things he said after Charlottesville is there are good people on both sides normalizing oppressive behavior.

Note five of the above examples of this populist president are harmful to the broader population, including those folks who are so enamored with him. This is keeping with what I have said for many years as a former Republican, that most Republicans are voting against their economic interests have no idea they are.

I will say I do agree that he made other NATO countries start coming to the table with the agreed upon funding. Yet, his manner in so doing is off-putting as it is in so many things. But, there is not much I support that this president put in motion. Yet, when you throw his actions leading up to, during and following the insurrection, coupled with his poor handling of the pandemic, his ranking in the bottom five is well-earned.

So, do we need Trump? Certainly not in the White House.


34 thoughts on “We need Trump – Really?

  1. All your bullet points are spot-on. I would only add what I consider to be perhaps his second worst atrocity, and that is he sowed the seeds of divisiveness that is tearing this nation apart even now. From the day he first announced his candidacy in June 2015, he painted a picture of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other groups as being “other”, of being “the enemy”, and he kept painting on that canvas throughout his tenure. Even today, he continues to divide the people of this nation with his rhetoric and hateful speech. To me that, coupled with his role in plotting the attempted coup of January 6th, qualifies him for the title of “Worst President” ever. No, we don’t need, and in fact cannot afford, to ever allow him to sit in the Oval Office again. I’m with Clive … he needs to go to prison and set an example for future presidents, else we will see more of the same at some point in the future.

    • Agreed Jill. I wanted to illustrate a number of areas where a so-called populist president did not serve the needs of the people, just the few in charge. You are right, his divisiveness may be his worst example as a so-called leader. Keith

      • And you did so quite well, my friend. I cannot imagine what will happen to this nation and its people if he should get another term … I think it would be the end of democracy in the United States, and that is not an exaggeration or hyperbole … I honestly believe that.

  2. An accurate and damning inditement Keith of a fellow who was voted in by a freak of the voting system & displayed a criminal irresponsibility to the result of the next.
    I simply cannot think of overall a man less suited to have been in the Whitehouse.
    It bears repeating his election says more about the folk who put him there than the creature himself.
    He is a symptom of the cancer that is eating away at the USA

    • Roger, well said. I read another person who praised his accomplishments today, but she is listening to Trump and his sycophants tell her what a great job he did. Any statue to him would have him patting himself on the back. Keith

      • Roger, watching politicians over the years, sticking to the rules is a highly variable undertaking. Too many provide lip service to sticking to the rules and hide their transgressions for as long as they can. Nixon had an enemies list and had J. Edgar Hoover keep files on people. His paranoia led to his undoing. Trump is not as subtle with his not following the rules. This is why I cannot fathom folks not seeing his overt illicit and deceitful behavior for what it is. Keith

  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Keith ponders the many, many reasons that the former guy should NEVER be given the keys to that big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue again. After 4 years in office, and another two spent attempting to subvert and destroy this nation, some people still believe he is a viable candidate for the job. I’m with Keith here … he is the WORST possible candidate! Thank you, Keith … your words need to be heard far and wide!

    • Neil, another good example. Another is his wont to opine on seemingly everything, even when it is not his concern or he has little knowledge of the subject. One of the many nice things about Joe Biden is we don’t hear him offering his opinion on things that don’t matter like his predecessor did. I don’t feel the need to hear from the president every day, but that doesn’t sit well with Trump’s ego. He has to have an audience. Keith

  4. Keith, you have a solid list. One of Trump’s intangible achievements is how he pulled the plug on GOP principles. With his leadership and example, the GOP will do anything to stay in power except govern, be ethical, and tell the truth. Michael

  5. A preamble – I don’t often do current affairs online. I get fed up when US presidents, without any right or having a clue what they’re talking about, pass judgement on UK politics. I’m a foreigner to the US – I shouldn’t comment on the affairs of another country. In the UK, US Democrats often look extreme. Biden seems like a nice chap.
    Not all Republicans are bad guys (or gals). Some individuals of all political persuasions are decent people. Politics across the globe is becoming so polarised – and binary; rational debate is, worryingly, disappearing.

    So – bearing in mind all those caveats – I simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND why any sentient being would vote for Trump. How ON EARTH did one of the world’s great democracies allow this oaf to get into power in the first place? Is that really the best you can do? (I do accept that current UK political ‘leaders’ are not great role models, by the way – but no one’s point-scoring).

    • Many thanks for your thoughts. We need good conservative voices, but they are getting drowned out by those who must have fealty to the former president. Like you, it amazes me people could vote for this well-documented deceitful person. His lack of veracity is overt. Keith

  6. That just showed, how those, Trump worshippers are, completely, brainwashed to the extent, that, they are all, ZOMBIES, following, the, Republican Party, on that, march toward, HELL!

  7. Note to Readers: I called the Speaker of the House office again today. I spoke with a staff member to plead with the Speaker to be the leader we need him to be. I was disappointed to see Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene visit convicted insurrectionists in prison calling them patriots. I told the staff member this is highly disturbing as we cannot have an insurrection like January 6 happen again regardless of who is in the White House. Full stop. I also shared that Mr. McCarthy’s is running from his greatest speech when he called the former president on the carpet a week after the insurrection for his role. Now he is white washing what happened gaslighting the American people.

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