Trump AG Bill Barr says this is not a witch hunt

In an article called “Barr pushes back on Trump: This is not a ‘witch hunt’” by Sara Fortinsky of The Hill, Trump’s former Attorney General says it plainly about the potential litigation on taking classified documents. Here are a couple … Continue reading

We need Trump – Really?

I saw a MAGA fan of the former president holding up a sign that said “We need Trump.” My response is “really?” A person voted by over 150 presidential historians as in the bottom five as one of the worst … Continue reading

Trump, of course, is attacking Fox News again

I find it amusing and expected that Trump and his cronies are going after Fox News for not supporting Trump enough. This is after documents have been released in their Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit that Fox people knew Trump was … Continue reading

Old Rudy should have known better than to fly too close to the Trump sun

In article by Brad Dress in The Hill called “Attorney disciplinary committee recommends sanctions for Giuliani over election claims,” old Rudy has received his latest come-uppance. Here are a few paragraphs with a link to the full article below. “An … Continue reading

Fox Business Host and former Trump ally speaks hard truths

In an article called “Fox Business Host Drops Hard Truths In Trump-Bashing Segment” by Josephine Harvey of HuffPost, a previous huge fan of the former president takes off the gloves to again criticize him. Here are a few paragraphs with … Continue reading

Key GOP donor backs Dem after House Republican ousted over Trump impeachment

In an article in Politico called “Key GOP donor backs Dem after House Republican ousted over Trump impeachment” by Natalie Fertig, a “former Romney financier David Nierenberg says he is siding with moderation over far-right rhetoric in Washington State.” A … Continue reading

Trump will be indicted. The GOP should cut him loose (Charlotte Observer editorial)

An interesting editorial by Gene Nichol*, a law professor at the University of North Carolina, called “Trump will be indicted. The GOP should cut him loose now” is a must read. Here are a few paragraphs, with a link to … Continue reading

Trump Family Fraud Charges

Let’s keep this simple. The news out of New York regarding the civil fraud case against the Trump family and organization should not be a surprise as these folks have been investigating the Trumps for three years. While this is … Continue reading

Former Vice President goes all out against Trump in support of his daughter

I have noted before I disagree with many of the policy positions of Representative Liz Cheney, but I do admire her political courage and remembering her oath to the constitution. Sadly, because she is telling people the emperor has no … Continue reading

Fox News political analyst Bret Baier adds to Trump criticism

An article in Business Insider by Mia Jankowicz called “Fox News anchor Bret Baier slams Trump, saying January 6 hearings made him look ‘horrific’” adds to the editorials criticizing the former president from conservative publications such as The Wall Street … Continue reading