We must be better than this

The migrant crisis in Europe has brought to a head that we must help our fellow inhabitants on our Earth. Global poverty and corrupt leadership has led to significant disenfranchisement and upheaval in various places in the Middle East, Africa, South America and around the globe. To appease the disenfranchised, terrorist or criminal groups file in promising to address their needs or take up their cause. Unfortunately, the helpers are worse than those that placed the disenfranchised in these predicaments. So, the disenfranchised flee to raise their families in a safer place.

I recognize that many people in need of opportunity can overwhelm one country. That is why it is important for those who can to share their bread and water with others in need. We are seeing this occur in Austria, Germany, Sweden and other countries. Yet, we should not be making this difficult problem even more so. We have to be humanitarians and treat all with respect.  This holds true for our leaders in the US. We have to help others in need and not tolerate the hate spewed rhetoric being espoused toward illegal immigrants in our own country. The sad truth is some presidential candidates are perpetuating this hate and demonization and that is certainly not representative of presidential virtues nor very humane.

My new blogging friend Amanda Lyle in the UK has written a very compelling piece. Attached is a link to the article. I must forewarn you, it is has the picture of Aylan Kurdi, the three-year old boy whose body washed ashore. For those who remember the name Emmett Till from the 1950s, I shared with Amanda my hope Aylan’s picture will be a turning point like Emmett’s picture. Till’s mother insisted Life Magazine take a photograph of her dead boy’s beaten body lying in the casket, so the world could see what Jim Crow racism looked like in America.

Please check out Amanda’s post which is aptly called “The Day Humanity Washed Ashore.” Tell her what you think and feel free to share any conversation below.