Beavis and Butthead (Trump and Stern)

The largest story of the Presidential election has been the release of an audio where Donald Trump spoke of using his star power to sexually assault and harass women. This audio should not be a surprise as it is not inconsistent with the man’s history of misogyny and sexual harassment which continues to this day. For Republicans who are only now realizing what the Trump Pandora’s Box looks like, they are likely very concerned about what other stories may come out of the woodwork.

Earlier today CNN broke the story about an audio which was made available of yet more conversation between Trump and Howard Stern, who has made a career with sexual jokes and creepy behavior with his radio show. On Stern’s show about the same time as the released audio, Trump revealed his penchant for barging into the Miss Universe dressing room as the contestants changed clothes. He said to Stern since he owned the franchise he could do what he wanted.

Per the link to a Washington Post article, a former Miss Arizona, one of the contestants has corroborated this story along with another report by BuzzFeed about a similar occurrence at a Teen Miss USA contest, which was reported by four contestants, some as young as age 15.

I don’t know about you, but I have a mental image in my mind of Trump and Stern as “Beavis and Butthead,” the two creepy cartoon teens who told potty jokes about women and then eerily snickered. I will let you decide which one is Beavis and which one is Butthead. I am not doing this to make light of the situation, I just want people to start becoming more aware of the persona of this narcissistic womanizer. Stern has always been a little creepy, so for Trump to go on his show reveals much.

I am quite certain there are far more stories about Mr. Trump like this. I would personally rather people to realize how he exploits people, in general, to make money, but those stories are not as sensational or disgusting as his using power to get his way with women, even teen age girls. “The Apprentice” tapes that are being discussed for possible release, we have been told are far worse than the audio released last Friday.

This man has been a horrible candidate from the outset. I started with the opinion that his candidacy was a joke, that this must be for publicity. But, with his success, it made me do more digging. The more I dug I realized he is worse than my initial impressions in how he has made his money and treated people along the way. The fact his followers hang on his every word is sad and frightening, as they represent the very people who he has screwed over his entire career.

So, I am hoping these more sensational recordings will be his Waterloo, as we Americans and citizens of our planet can ill-afford a Beavis or Butthead in the White House.