Tuesday’s gone with the wind redux

One of my favorite songs from a hometown band called Lynyrd Skynyrd is “Tuesday’s gone.” Using the above song lyric, let me provide a wisp of several issues of the day.

To convince all of us that the sky is falling and we must build a wall, the US President was particularly windy last Friday. Self-created facts were being blown all around, yet when reporters tried to use real data points provided by people who worked for him, he told the reporters that was fake news. The reporters should have said they came from his buddy Vladimir and he would have believed them.

Our British friends are headed for a hard Brexit, unless the lawmakers realize they are not arguing from a position of strength. ┬áThere are three options – get more time, take another vote, or seek only minor changes. Brits need to know the Scots and Northern Irish might have remain votes if a hard Brexit occurs. The answer is blowing in the wind, but the obsinate leaders need to check their pride and party warclubs and act.

Speaking of wind, a cold wave blew in responding to the two Mikes – Pompeo and Pence – coming for a visit in Europe. An unlearned lesson on the Mikes and their boss is one cannot pee on people and tell them it is raining. Relationships must be more than transactional. They must be nurtured. If everything is viewed through a lens of short term transactions, then everyone is short-changed.

A final wind analogy relates to another mass shooting, this one in Aurora near the Windy City. Five people here, five people there seems to be a weekly occurrence. The greater tragedy are these and smaller shootings which are routine. The real wind is the usual rhetoric from NRA funded politicians blowing smoke to avoid changes to improve gun governance.

This post may seem at odds with my radical kindness one that precedes it, but the people I am being kind to are the disenfranchised, when politicians fail to act or act foolishly. These are not games to assuage egos. People are being hurt. We could start with the truth and more accountability.