Lesley Gore’s chorus serves as White House background music

“It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to
Cry if I want to
You would cry too, if it happened to you.”

Now that the Electoral College has done their job, Republican Senators are falling in line. It has taken much too long for the leaders to begin to say grace over the Joe Biden/ Kamala Harris win. These actions will assure the Biden/ Harris transition, as Senate Majority Leader is encouraging no further boat rocking as he does not want to have to take a vote that would be viewed as against the outgoing president.

Yet, you know statements like these are eating at the craw of the outgoing president. As I was sharing with Erika and Jill in comments, the outgoing president likely believes his own BS about the election being stolen due to the echo chamber he participates in. The outgoing president (let’s call him OP) says or repeats something, the conspiracy theorists seize upon it and give it backstory, the pseudo news people echo and report on it, and then OP hears them talking about it and begins to believe his own story. It is a circular rumor bouncing around the echo chamber.

It has never been a surprise OP is doing what he is doing. It is in his DNA with his shallow ego, so he cannot admit he lost. “I won the election and it was stolen from me,” he thinks and says. But, he sells it even more, saying “I won BY A LOT.” Yet, what is underreported is he staged this fraudulent claim for six months.

What has been a surprise is the level and breadth of sycophancy of Republican leaders, except for a few, who actually called him out with variations of some criticism. OP has purposefully misled Americans, once again, to save how he is perceived. As a result, the MAGA crowd is buying his BS. The fact OP cannot convince judges seems to be mere distraction to them. The fact election officials have recounted and pushed back on OP is irrelevant to them. The fact many of these folks pushing bsck or ruling against the claims of voter fraud are Republicans, with some appointed by OP, means they are disloyal.

Disloyal to whom? The US Constitution? I think not. They are not even being disloyal to OP. They are doing their jobs. They are remembering their oaths. And, some are dealing with OP instigated harassment and death threats. So, OP can cry all he wants to, but just like with Lesley Gore, Johnny is not coming back to her and OP will no longer be president after Joe Biden is sworn in.