A bedtime story for all

A bedtime story for all. There once was a boy who grew up in a life of luxury. He was given most anything he wanted and if he did not get it he would throw a tantrum on the floor. This made for embarrassing moments for his mother who would send him to his room to think about matters. He would trudge off red-faced and livid mumbling “it is not my fault.”

Later his mother would check on him to see if he and cooled down. In her efforts to try to get him to see the error of his ways, she often failed to get the message through. “You just don’t like me he would say” when she said he could not have a cookie or piece of cake just before dinner. “Of course, I do my son, why do you say that?” she would ask.

“Because you are being mean to me,” he would exclaim through dried and new tears. “Saying you cannot have something is not being mean,” she replied. “You will spoil your appetite.”

“It will not. I have the largest appetite in the history of mankind,” he would boast. “I can eat anything at any time.”

“Now you are just being silly,” she would answer with a smile. “When you say foolish things like that, people won’t believe you.”

The toddler just smiled. “You just watch. I think if I repeat things enough, act tough and blame others, I can make people believe anything.” His mother listened and replied, “Yes, but at what cost?”

The moral of this story is know who your children play with. The toddler who blames everyone but himself will become a similar kind of adult, if he is allowed to get away with it.