A little bit of green goes a long way – a few eco-friendly news tidbits

There continues to be progress toward more green energy development and other environmentally friendly ideas. In no particular order and by no means an exhaustive list, here are few news tidbits over the past few weeks:

– Burlington, Vermont has announced the city is powered 100% by renewable energy. Although, it is a little bit of a misnomer as energy shortfall is powered by imported fossil fuel sourced energy, the exporting of surplus renewable energy in peak times more than offsets, so the city can claim over 100% of their needs is from renewable energy.

– Duke Energy continues its push toward solar energy with a $500 million investment which will add 278 megawatts of solar power. This will bring Duke’s percentage of renewable energy up to 6% of its portfolio of energy. Duke is based in North Carolina, which is now the 4th most prolific solar energy state in the US with the help of Duke and others.

– Charlotte based EV Fleet has announced a new EV (Electric Vehicle) truck called the Condor, which is entirely made in North Carolina. The delivery vehicle costs $49,000, but can be offset by an energy tax credit of $7,500. The trucks get about 100 miles between charges and can haul up to 1,000 pounds. They will have over 100 trucks built by year-end.

– The EV Fleet news adds to solar-powered transport innovation in the state of NC, where in Durham, a solar-powered bicycle car called the Elf is made. Durham is also home to Semprius which produces the most elegant solar photovoltaic panel in the world, which converts over 33% of the sun’s energy into electricity. It should be noted Tesla continues to expand their manufacturing footprint of their electric car with the recent announcement to expand into New Mexico.

– There are now more solar energy jobs in the United States than coal jobs. This has been reported by several sources and confirmed as true by Politifacts. This is a surprising truism, as many people believe solar energy is still a fledgling industry, when the opposite is true.

Good things continue to happen on the renewable energy front. Please help spread the word.