The new ten commandments

It may have been beneath the radar screen, but Donald Trump received the endorsement of Jerry Falwell, Jr. after Trump spoke at Liberty University. Falwell said Trump even reminded him of his father. I found that to be a stretch, as whether you agree with the older Falwell’s positions, his faith and sense of decorum does not resemble that of The Donald’s.

Even self-proclaimed evangelical brother Glenn Beck took issue with that endorsement and supported Senator Ted Cruz. Irrespective of the veracity of Beck’s choice, Trump proceeded to denigrate Beck in a less than Godly manner. WWJD in Trump’s mind? Slam Beck of course.

Equally puzzling is that evangelicals reconcile their religion to support Trump. I guess my ten commandments don’t read the way the evangelicals following Trump’s do. I guess they should be boiled down to six and read Thou shalt…

demonize others for being different
– denigrate women as objects
– name call or mock people for their gender, disabilities, war service, obesity
– lie and not care if caught in a lie, as it is only politics
– create an environment where dissent is squelched and tolerate the physical removal of adversaries
– say anything, but cry foul when someone questions you

Maybe the younger Falwell teaches a different version of the ten commandments than I remember. If he looked, Falwell might not be too keen on Trump’s history of exploiting others to make money or suing to evict people from their houses under eminent domain rules as he builds his casinos next door (see below).

My sister is an evangelical, but she from the outset has not liked Trump. His manner and denigration of others are not very Christian-like she has said. It surprises me that other evangelicals are growing accustomed to Trump given his history and conduct. This support seems to be inconsistent with WWJD in my simple view.

Please contrast this behavior and endorsement with the speech made by Senator Bernie Sanders in front of the same Liberty University crowd, which was less welcoming to him. Bernie gave a speech (see below) that moved people as he spoke of the real truths about inequality and social injustice. He spoke of how the words in the religious text matter and we should lift up people who are in need.

To me, the message that Bernie is talking about is a better answer to WWJD? It would also resemble the one that the elder Falwell may be more inclined to give.

A fictional story about an Arizona Retailer

I am so glad Governor Jan Brewer was forced to veto the bill that would have permitted me to discriminate against people who do not share my religious beliefs. As a shopkeeper, I have always tried to serve my customers well. I learned that from my mom and dad when I took over the business when they retired.

You see, I was in a quandary as I try to live every day by the Golden Rule. You know the one where you try to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I always simplify it for my kids and say “treat others like you want to be treated.” Sometimes you have to break it down for people to understand. And, I try to follow my minister’s preaching on every issue asking “What Would Jesus Do?” I even wear one of those WWJD bracelets and get asked often about it.

I was troubled by the bill passed by our Arizona legislature. I did not like the power they were granting me as it runs counter to what I believe – treat others like you want to be treated. Jesus even said to treat “the least of us” as if they were Me.  Now that Governor Brewer responded to pressure from local, regional, national and global businesses as well as our two US Senators McCain and Flake, I can rest easy and serve all people willing to do business with me.

I now don’t have to discriminate and can serve bigots even though they do not have the same religious beliefs that I have. Even bigots need to be treated like we want to be treated. That is what Jesus would want.