No elected official is above the law, that includes you Senator

Oh, Senator Lindsey Graham. You still think you are above the law, just like the former president for whom you keep white washing away his sins and crimes. This is highly disappointing, especially for an attorney who served in the military. So, you should know better as you technically have sworn the same oath to protect our constitution on three occasions.

For those who are not keeping up, Senator Graham had twice asked the courts to not require him to testify in the former president’s election meddling case in Georgia. Two judges have said no to his requests. Now, he is asking the Supreme Court to allow him to blow off a subpoena. If you have even only a small dose of skepticism, you have to ask why is he so adamant to not testify? Call me crazy, but I think he does not want to have to perjure himself and he is not to keen on the truth coming out.

My guess is SCOTUS will say get your hind-end into court. They know the horrible precedent it would put in place if a Senator, who flip flops with the most alive fish in a hot metal boat, was able to thumb his nose at a court subpoena. No elected official is above the law. That includes senators and it includes presidents. Full stop.

I left the Senator yet one more message sharing my disappointment that he is trying to avoid testifying. I shared that he knows better given his background. And, we must get at the truth. From where I sit, the former president has already been charged in a civil lawsuit for fraudulent dealings at his companies and it may lead to a criminal indictment. He also faces three other indictments for the Georgia election meddling case, the seditious actions leading up to and during the January 6 insurrection and the taking of classified documents to a very unsecure and previously breached site.

These are not witch hunts. In fact, the former president tried to settle the civil lawsuit, but the New York Attorney General declined to do so. Why? Her case is strong. So, Mr. Graham, please honor a subpoena as you would expect folks you used to subpoena as an attorney. That is how it works.