A new verse to a Dylan Song

The tune will come to you from the chorus. Think Peter, Paul and Mary singing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

How many lies can one man tell,
Before people be-gin to hear?
How many folks can his ego exploit,
Before they can see whom to fear?
Yes, and how many groups must this candidate demean,
Before they can see him very clear.
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind.

This man is an apocalyptically bad candidate who would would further harm America, our allies and our planet. His history tells us all we need to know how he will operate.

Sing with me and vote for a “sane, competent” candidate as Michael Bloomberg called her. She is not perfect, but she is well respected worldwide and will serve us well, all of us.

Michael Bloomberg gives an independent, well-versed endorsement

There have been many great speeches at the Democratic National Convention that support Hillary Clinton for the White House. While the President gave an excellent speech, for sheer presentation and meaning, his wife and Vice President may have upstaged him. The candidate’s husband did an excellent job as well in telling her history of passion and work around remedying social injustice. Yet, the most effective speech may have been by Independent voter and former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg knows both candidates very well and made a very compelling story of why we should be voting for Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. He knows Clinton most from her work as a New York Senator where she relentlessly championed securing benefits and protections for the 9/11 victims and responders. He went on to add other reasons, but I wanted to highlight this one.

As for Trump, he told a history littered with screwing people over leaving contractors and small businesses high and dry, as Trump exited unprofitable relationships with his money and left others without much payment. Many of these contractors and partners had to close their businesses, as a result. Bloomberg also noted Trump left a trail of thousands of law suits, where some of these contractors tried to recapture what they were owed.

Bloomberg noted he also knows a thing about business with his successful Bloomberg News, but he did not start with a $1 million loan from his father like Trump did. He went on to share other exploitive business practices of the GOP candidate, but was not high on Trump’s business skills or ethics. Bloomberg said, in essence, he is a New Yorker and he knows a con job when he sees it.  Bloomberg added Trump said he would run the country like he runs his business. If that were the case, “God help us.”

He noted that Clinton has far more experience, credibility and understanding of what it takes to be President. She is very prepared for the job. He urged us to vote for the “sane and competent” candidate in Hillary Clinton. Given his Independent voter status and personal working knowledge of both, I think his opinion matters.