A few lines from westerns

A week ago, I was sharing in a comment the movie line, “Badges, we don’t need no stinking badges.” This line appeared in two different western movies, “The Treasures of the Sierra Madre” and again in the western comedy “Blazing Saddles.”

The cowboy western genre of movies has been around since cinema began. Many of our movie heroes like Roy Rogers, Alan Ladd, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, and Clint Eastwood began and excelled in this genre. And, like the above quote, this genre includes some of the best movie lines.

So, sit back and remember with me some great lines.

– Responding to a bounty hunter in “The Outlaw Josey Wales” who said about bounty hunting “It’s a living,” Clint Eastwood’s Wales said, “Dying ain’t much of a living, boy.”

– After Robert Redford said to Paul Newman, “I can’t swim,” in  “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” Newman laughed and replied, “The fall will probably kill you.”

– Later in the same movie Strother Martin would say to Newman and Redford on the way down the mountain to get the payroll as they looked for bandits, “Morons. They ain’t going to rob us going down the mountain; we don’t have any money.”

– In “The Man who shot Liberty Valance,” the classic line was uttered by the newspaper editor who had just heard the true story. Tearing up the notes, he said. “This is the west. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

– John Wayne uttered many great lines in his movies. One of his standby lines which appeared in the movie “Big Jake” is when he wanted to emphasize a point, “Not hardly.”

– In the movie “True Grit,” a reason for its success was Wayne called Kim Darby his young co-star, “Baby Sister” throughout showing an affection for her true grit.

– While Clint Eastwood made a nice living in movie westerns, he had an economy of words. Starting with his characters in the series of westerns filmed in Italy called Spaghetti Westerns, there were some movies where he probably uttered fewer than 100 words. The famous scene of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” went minutes without a single word.

– Of course, one of the most imitated lines of this genre occurs as Alan Ladd rides off after saving the day as the boy who idolized him yells “Shane. Come back, Shane.”  Later, in “Pale Rider” a tribute movie to “Shane” starring the effectively quiet Eastwood, the smitten young girl, would shout “Preacher. Come back.”

There are so many I have left off. Please share with me your favorites.

The stuff dreams are made of

While this is the pivotal quote from the movie “Maltese Falcon,” this movie will not be mentioned further. The quote is germane as I am remembering various beautiful actresses in movie roles in which they looked most appealing, at least to me.

Michelle Pfeiffer in “The Fabulous Baker Boys” who is a favorite actress of mine

Nicole Kidman in “Cold Mountain” where she would take your breath away

Ingrid Bergman in “Casablanca” whose beautiful sadness made you pine for her

Isabella Rossellini in “Cousins” as she reminds me of how beautiful her mother was in “Casablanca”

Jean Seberg in “Paint your Wagon” who looked and sang better than her two husbands

Jane Seymour in “Somewhere in Time”  for whom you would also want to travel back in time

Katherine Ross in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” especially during one of the most sensuous foreplay movie scenes

Teri Hatcher in “Tomorrow Never Dies” as my favorite Bond actress who I became infatuated with as Lois Lane on TV

Kathleen Turner in “Body Heat” where the verbal foreplay when she and William Hurt’s character first meet is scintillating – of course the other foreplay is memorable

Jacqueline Bissett in “The Deep” where the wet T-shirt contest may have been born and was very impactful on this teen boy

Jessica Lange in the remake of “The Postman Always Rings a Twice” where need and want become the same thing

Catherine McCormack in “Braveheart” where you mourn her loss as did William Wallace

I am leaving so many actresses out, so I would love to hear your favorites. Also, commenters are welcome to mention actors that float your boat.

Which movies include these quotes?

I am movie buff, but one who likes plot and dialogue. I am not too big on action movies unless they come with a  plot and/ or have more people than computer generated characters. The exception of course being Pixar or cartoon movies, which are entirely computer generated or drawn. I am also a collector of quotes.

With that context, let me know from which movies the following quotes can be found. Note the quotes are from memory, so I may not get them exactly correct, but they echo in my mind and come to me from time to time.

1. “We gotta get a bigger boat.”

2. “This is the stuff dreams are made of.”

3. “Sometimes, there are not enough rocks.”

4. “Mrs. Robinson, I believe you are trying to seduce me.”

5. “I’ll have what she’s having.”

6. “Louie, I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

7. “I could have been a contender.”

8. “You know how to whistle Steve. You just put your lips together and blow.”

9. “You could sweep the seas for England.”

10. “Round up the usual suspects.”

11. “I’ll just have to worry about that tomorrow.”

12. “Love is never having to say your sorry.”

13. 1st person: “Love is never having to say your sorry.” 2nd person: “That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.”

14. “Isn’t our time, my time as well Mr. Hand?”

15. “I am mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.”

16. “Rollo Tomassi.”

17. “Your honor is a gift you give yourself.”

18. “Snap out of it!”

19. “I am so mad, I just want to hit some one.”

20. “Twas, beauty that killed the beast.”

Let me know what you think. Try to do them from memory, first, and let me know where I have strayed on the quotes. Please feel free to share your favorites and I will guess where they originated. Sorry, there are no prizes for winning other than maybe learning of a new movie to watch or walking down memory lane.