Let’s boil it down

When the tribal politics gets so bad, that members of your tribe are shamed when they dare support something that will help Americans, that is not something to be proud of.

When a few members of your tribe threaten or condone violence on people that do not agree with their position, regardless of its veracity, that is not something to be proud of.

When the more senior elected officials of that tribe are silent when members do the above things, that is not something to be proud of.

When followers of the tribe must knowingly support something more than a few know is not true, because the de facto head of the tribe says it is, that is not something to be proud of.

When a major media source of that tribe allows one of its talk show hosts to actively support the white washing of a seditious act that appears to include the efforts of the de facto head, that is not something to be proud of.

When conspiracy minded people are fed conspiracies, they fail to realize the greatest irony – they are the targets of a conspiracy themselves to get them to believe something is not true; being fooled is something not to be proud of.

What the tribal leadership fails to realize is they must be more active in condemning the actions that are not appropriate. When the incumbent dishonors the position, he or she must be censure or removed. Otherwise, it is tacit support of the action.

Volkswagen, Enron, Adelphia, Tyco, et al all failed to realize this. The Catholic Church, Penn State University, Michigan State University, Ohio State University, US Women’s Olympic Gymnastics team leaders, the Youth football program in Great Britain, et al all failed to realize this. So did the PTL Club and Boy Scouts of America.and those two organizations no longer exist as a result.

These entities worked zealously to cover up and protect their brands. Yet, the best step they could have taken was the obvious one. Admit mistakes and rectify the problem with zeal. It tells the world, we do not stand for this. There are bad apples in any group. Just don’t let them spoil the whole bunch.


Note to public people – followers believe your BS, so get it right

For some odd reason, people latch on to a public person’s coattails and are forever a fan. Even when presented with factual information that the public person lied, the fans have cognitive dissonance and find a way to ignore what they just heard. It seems their worth is falsely attributed to this choice to follow the person, so if anything makes them feel they made a mistake, it bothers them greatly.

What frustrates me is some of these public people do not feel it is necessary to tell the truth, when a good lie will work better. Being caught lying does not harm their reputation as much as it should. Some would say, lying and cheating is just a part of winning. While, that may be true to far too many, it should not be. Too many followers believe these folks’ BS, so the public person needs to get it right and not use their fan’s puppy dog loyalty.

Yesterday, one of those people Representative Paul Gosar routed an anime where his avatar murders the avatar of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, better known as AOC. This is not the first time Gosar has defamed the position he holds, but this is well beneath a sense of decency. We need our elected officials to be a part of our better angels and not among our worse demons. This may be deemed a criminal act, but it is clearly an immoral one. Sadly, his followers are cheering on this dereliction of duty.

Then there is the ever-persistent poor actions and behavior of Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz once labeled the most despised Senator in Congress by members of both parties. He has tended to prefer grandstanding than working with others and single-handedly, brought the United States to within twenty-four hours of defaulting on our debts, until ten female Senators from both parties told him to get out of the pool and solved the problem like adults.

Lately, Cruz has been on a roll, knowing he has a followers believe his BS. But, the thing that bother me most about Cruz or any elected officials is speaking of his state seceding from the Union. Really? Setting aside the seditious nature of that stance, he is really not that stupid to advocate for a secession from the Union. He is just lying because it makes it sound like he is a statesman. To be frank, statesman is not a word that is top of mind to describe the Senator.

People believe your BS, so please do your best to get it right. Whether you are a conspiracy monger like Alex Jones or Tucker Carlson or a politician like the most recent former president or his sycophants, two of which are noted above, we must demand the truth from these folks. Democracy requires an informed public, so when public people purposefully lie to misinform or even disinform, it hurts all of us.

What can we do? Do not believe a word someone known for lying says. They earned this treatment. So, if you start at the point, the odds are in your favor that you are correct. Check multiple sources of news, where they publish errata when they get it wrong. Do not get your news from social media or verify it if you do. I would encourage folks to check what I wrote above with other sources, eg.

When people knowingly are untruthful, it is frustrating. I recognize all politicians lie, but some lie more than they tell the truth.