Short and sweet

We just got our power back on after 14 hours following a storm. But, the outage masked an internet/ TV cable issue. So, this post will be short and sweet.

Reading letters to the editor, it is painfully obvious, Trump has a base of followers who sing his praises oblivious to his inability to tell the truth on any reasonable basis. Lying becomes candor, eg. Call me crazy, but candor is supposed to be about telling unpleasant truths.

George Will, who used to be regarded by Republican voters as a voice of reason, continues to try to educate his old party, becoming an Independent, when Trump altered what the party stands for doing so in a dishonest manner. Will wrote today about what he viewed as one of Trump’s worst decisions, getting out of the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement between 12 countries to hold China into account. When we dropped out, the other eleven countries went ahead without us, a sign that the agreement had merit. While I would argue whether this was his worst mistake, if Trump wanted to hold China into account, this would have been a good vehicle. It also shows, Trump would prefer not to have multi-lateral agreements that he was not involved in, even if they move the ball forward.

That is it for today. Have a great week in spite of the COVID-19 travails. Stay safe.