One way to handle robo calls

Many marketing calls are now computer generated. Some use artificial intelligence to elicit interest or precorded verbiage using a person or computer. They are relentless.

But, there is an interesting twist. Many want to leave a message and have you call them back. They want to market on your nickel. Now, this will sound contrarian, but the best way to get rid of them is to answer the phone. Often, they won’t speak, so I give them a couple of hello’s and ultimately hang up.

If you do get someone, you can politely tell them you are not interested. But, frequently it is a prerecording paced with pauses to simulate an actual person. Once you sense this, you can hang up.The trouble is these calls are being made from numbers in your area. The idea is to get you to pick up. So, pick up and hang up,

We do need to do more to stop the relentless calling. We signed up for the no-call list years ago, but that obviously does not work.

If this is not stopped, people will stop answerlng the phone altogether. And, that would be a shame.