Side of the Angels

A CFO once said during a meeting I was involved with “at least we are on the side of the Angels.” He was referring to a decision a Committee had made which was a conservative reading of the law. If they were wrong at least they would not be at risk.

I use this example as many decisions are made these days that run counter to what experts using data and analytics might say should be done. A good example is happening as of this writing in the US Congress. A law is being passed which goes against what several nonpartisan economic and budget organizations are saying will happen. It is also being sold as more than it is, which is a windfall for wealthy people and investors. These lawmakers are not on the side of the Angels on this issue.

Earlier this year, the President of the United States decided to pull the US out of the Paris Climate Change Accord. As a result, our country was not invited to a conference last week to plan ahead. We are the lone country in the world that will not be in the accord. Ironically, the accord permitted flexibility to reshape how we comply, so leaving was merely a political statement. Being a lone wolf on one of the two most important topics in the world does not leave us on the side of the Angels.

We must do our homework and make decisions based on data, analytics and nonpartisan opinions of experts. Making decisions off rhetoric and lobbyists’ wishes   tends not to be on the side of the Angels.



14 thoughts on “Side of the Angels

  1. Good post, well said. There is nothing ‘angelic’ about a single one of our elected officials this year … they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, or sometimes not even bothering to don the sheep’s outfit.

    • Jill, I agree. I just watched a Kaiser Family Foundation person say two things that indicate how cold hearted the GOP has become. The House wants the ACA to collapse, so they do not want to take up a stabilization bill to remedy to a great extent what they did to destabilize it – this hurts people. The other is the Children’s Health plan which has run out of funding. The House GOP wants to pay for the funding just after not giving a crap about finding the tax cut. Again, people are affected by their cold heartedness. Keith

      • No, there is no heart there, only greed. Tell me, Keith … how do you see this ending? I mean, obviously we cannot allow the debt to go so high, and obviously we cannot keep taking away from the poor, but what is the thing that finally throws a wrench into their works? I’m pondering this, but just cannot see it …

      • Jill, this Congress and President are going to increase defense spending first and then try to make cuts to Social Security, Medicare, ACA, Medicaid and food stamps. The GOP failed on the Tax Bill because they did not do this in a bipartisan way. The Tax Bill just made it harder.

        Where will it end? Until politicians start acting like leaders and not servants to their donors it will continue. The President’s continuing struggles will take the air out of the room next year. Keith

      • Every time I try to see further than the next few months, I start seeing increased social violence, leading up to bloodshed in the streets. I wonder if I am being over-dramatic?

      • Jill, I hope you are, but as Mueller starts making arrests, who knows what might happen. The man in the White House continues to make our country into a pariah around the world, this time with threatening countries over their disagreement on his ill-advised Jerusalem decision. Countries do not take kindly to a bully, which he is. And, Putin smiles. Keirh

      • Yes, and speaking of the ill-fated Jerusalem speech and decision, where were his handlers? Didn’t Kelly or Mattis have a say in that? I know Kushner did. And now he is threatening the U.N.? Sheesh .. somebody really should put him down for a nap! 😉

  2. Reading this Keith brings to mind a Peanut’s cartoon.
    Basically Peppermint Patty is made to wear shoes and not her trademark sandals because this is the school dress code. She is softly crying.
    Another character Franklin breaks the Fourth Wall and says ‘All I know is that a rule which makes a little girl cry is a bad rule,’
    Similar sentiments might be expressed through the 2018 Mid-terms.

  3. Dear Keith,

    What is worse, when their own economic analysts do not fall in line with their fantasy view / talking points of their tax cuts bill like the J.C.T. Joint Commission on Taxation, the republicans will work to tear their professionalism , work product.

    Time will tell how this tax bill really enfolds as in the case of KS.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, what you have pointed out is the poor stewardship. Ignore people whose opinion should matter. What is additionally frustrating is the GOP painting this as a partisan issue, when nonpartisan economic groups are calling this Tax Bill out. As Chuck Schumer said when a reporter said Americans are confused, “Americans are not confused, check the polls. They do not like this bill 2 to 1.” Keith

  4. It is difficult for the “we”s to do anything in this fascist regime. We have lost our voice. But it’s important to keep yelling anyway, so as to hopefully blast us back to Democracy.

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