Please contact your Senators to support the Corker Tariff Bill

Senator Bob Corker (R) has posed a bill to assume Congressional governance over tariffs the President is imposing on allies as a matter of national security. Ironically, harming our relationships with allies makes us less safer, not more. It also makes us untrustworthy.

If you agree with Senator Corker, I encourage you to send a letter to your Senator and Congressperson. Here is a sample to modify as you see fit.

“Senator (or Congressperson), please support Senator Corker’s efforts to have Congress govern all tariffs. My long time fear that our President would cede our global leadership role is coming to fruition. Considering the introduction of tariffs on China is understandable, but doing so brazenly on our allies is just poor form. The tariffs, if not altered, will back fire on the US, but the worst part is we have made the US less trustworthy and unreliable.

Please rein in this President who has oversimplified and misused data to strong arm our friends. His belligerence is not helpful and demeans the office he holds. He also fails to consider the number of foreign companies who make things here – BMW, Doosan, Nissan, Mercedes, Hyundai, Toyota, Michelin, Fiat-Chrysler, Husqvarna, etc. Two of these companies are German, two are South Korean, two are Japanese, one is French, one is Italian and one is Swedish. This is what a global economy looks like.

We have trade deficits as we are a consumer economy moreso than others. Plus, the President is not factoring in the investments made in US Treasuries and buying of services. While he cited a deficit with Canada, we actually have a surplus, with these factored in.

Thanks for your consideration.”


11 thoughts on “Please contact your Senators to support the Corker Tariff Bill

  1. I just heard that he was politically active on Twitter again, announcing his disagreement to the G7 meeting after he agreed first and left early… how trustworthy indeed!

    • Erika, it is far more than the tariffs. It is the lack of respect for relationships that have been cultivated for seventy five years or more. It is also the unpredictability where he will change his mind so quickly depending on the last person to talk with.

      If we told the allied soldiers as they freed Berlin, in seventy-three years, Germany would be the leader of the free world and that Japan would also be one of the top democracies, these soldiers would not believe us. Yet, it is true.

      I have used the word “pariah” dating before the election. But, I honestly did not think Trump would make America a pariah so quickly. Congress and business leaders better to tell him to get his act together before he does even more damage. Keith

      • This is what doesn’t get in my head that he can act as he feels and change his mind with the direction the wind blows. His word means nothing and this is the President of the US.

      • Erika, his followers have no idea the damage he has done. Trust is paramount to productive relationships. I go back to his wont to sue contractors or just not pay them. Pretty much everything to him is a transaction. His word means “zero” with other leaders. Keith

  2. Good for Senator Corker! I guess he feels able to do this now that he doesn’t fear having to get re-elected. Too bad more R’s don’t stand up to the idiot-in-chief. This could pass considering how many R’s might join the D’s in voting for it.

    • Thanks Janis. I just read as of two days ago, seven GOP and five Democrat Senators have endorsed the bill. Six trade organizations support the bill as well. The two quotes from the Chinese and European financial advisors I mentioned a couple of posts ago echo. Trump has a naive way of looking at tariffs and is unpredictability is showing up as a weakness. Keith

  3. Excellent letter that says exactly what needs to be said to my Senators and Congressmen. Consider them sent. This bill must be passed. Thank-you!

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