A disgusting lack of leadership

The following are the views of a former Republican and now Independent voter. I did not vote for the former president either time and remain puzzled why people would vote for such a well-documented untruthful, egomaniacal bully.

On Friday, I read that Senator Mitch McConnell would support the seditious former president if he were the 2024 presidential nominee. Note, this is after McConnell denounced the former president for his role in the insurrection against a branch of government, which of course, put McConnell and his colleagues in danger. And, unsurprisingly, Mr. McConnell chose not to vote to convict the former president before he admitted said person was guilty.

This is a disgusting lack of leadership in a country that needs this party to help offer some form leadership. But, as of this writing, people who voted as leaders to impeach or convict the seditious former president, have been vilified, censured and threatened. Yet, these seventeen folks knew this going in and voted to impeach or convict anyway. That is leadership. What Messers. McConnell, Graham, Hawley, Paul, Cruz, McCarthy, Scalise, Gaetz, Gohmert, et al have done is cowardice and sycophancy to someone who almost caused their deaths.

Reading McConnell’s statement in support of a traitor is seditious in its own right, in my view. This former president planned and staged a big lie about rampant election fraud. And, too many Republican so-called leaders were silent. The former president set the stage for the insurrection through his lies, that even his Attorney General labeled as “bulls**t” before he was fired for so saying. Republican election officials and judges even pushed back on the former president’s lies, yet they also got death threats.

Our country needs two viable political parties or more. Yet, we need the people in leadership positions in these parties to be leaders and not sycophants. The seditious former president is the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime including Richard Nixon. I have been pleading with Republican Senators for three years asking what will it take to hold this former president accountable. Apparently, even traitorism does not qualify.

The former president was right when he said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and it would not matter. What he did not say is he would hand the gun to McConnell and blame him. Our country deserves better than this.


51 thoughts on “A disgusting lack of leadership

      • Pleading does not work with leaders like them. You have to have a strong, authoritative voice with people that support you. Get enough voices and they’ll listen! 🙂 ❤

      • Deborah, true. They do not csre until they are made to care. Right now, the wound up extremists who believe Trump’s election fraud lies, are a threatening to blow up the Capitol. I wonder how these sycophants will feel knowing Trump helped bring about their death? Keith

  1. Keith, McConnell’s 180 was totally predictable. I’m beginning to think there’s more to this than meets the eye. I’m thinking Republicans who dis Trump too much are getting threats to their lives and/or their families as well. I mean, what else could it be? How can they be so loyal to the former guy? Maybe I’m giving these fools too much credit. But if they are getting threats, and you obviously have to take them serious, perhaps it’s time for them to get out of politics. Any chance at redemption is long gone anyway. They’ve made their Trump bed and now they have to sleep in it. Anymore, to be a politician, not only do you have to have thick skin, but it appears you also need 24/7 personal security. This is the legacy of the former guy…the so-called 45th president of the United States. Pathetic.

  2. Keith, Your forthright view, eloquently expressed, provoke my agreement. I’d retreated from following your USA style politics, since the inauguration of the 46th president. Your succinct denunciation of the enablers and their ‘disgusting lack of leadership,’ has helped me to focus on more local Tasmanian matters, such as the recent alleged sightings of the declared extinct Thylacine, sightings, which if proved correct, will give Aussies more hope than y’all have for a sound political environment in the USA.

    • David, I am not familiar with that story. As for here, the legacy of the seditious former president is distrust in media, institutions, and others. Or, as his niece said, her uncle will burn it all down because his fragile ego cannot tolerate losing. Keith

      • Amanda, wrecker is definitely apt. My daughter and wife got a kick out of me saying the former president’s words about winning by a lot, the election was stolen and he did not lose using the voice of a toddler. It is a toddler’s argument. So, the wrecker metaphor is akin to a toddler knocking over your blocks because he did not like that it looked better than his.

        You and David forced me to look up Thylacine. It sounded like a bad drug. Keith

    • … the recent alleged sightings of the declared extinct Thylacine…

      That made me go hunting. And this comment I found brought me back down to the ground:

      People also “see” bigfoot and Nessie all the time as well…

      • Pedantry, here we also have Elvis sightings. When I heard that, I asked the person, if Elvis was going to fake his own death, don’t you think he would have picked a better way than dying in the bathroom taking one too many pills to alleviate constipation? Yeti never had such a problem. Keith

  3. Mary, got it right! Fires can reignite from the burnt down embers. I doubt she’ll have the inclination, nor current sources to continue her clinical expose of the 45th, more’s th pity.

    • David, she did hit the mark. I also liked that five biographers of her uncle noted four years ago, Donald Trump will not accept losing an election saying it was stolen. Keith

      • Now that is prophetic that five biographers have suggested he would say it was stolen. Clearly the former President is simple enough to be predictable in his destruction.

      • Amanda, that is true. It was not hard to predict what he would do. Senator Bernie Sanders was on a talk show in October and eerily predicted every move the former president would make starting on election night. Note, if he lost in 2016, he had already set the stage to declare foul dating back to July, 2016. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: The descriptive word disgusting was selected with intent. Allowing the most corrupt, deceitful and now seditious former president to be unaccountable for his crimes and lies is beyond poor stewardship, it is a disgusting lack of leadership, it must start at the top which imcludes McConnell, McCarthy and Pence. Sadly, Pence loyalty for 4 years was almost rewarded by his death when he finally remembered his oath. He could have ended this horrible period in our country by not rescinding his resignation from the campain in October, 2016 when the Access Hollywood tapes were leaked.

  5. How did I miss this post??? I have taken on more than I can handle, I think, and things are falling through the cracks. Sorry I’m late to the party, my friend!

    You are so right that this nation must have two (or more) viable political parties, but the “Party of Lincoln”, what was once the “Grand Old Party”, is dead and has been replaced by those who would turn this nation into something the Founders never envisioned. The Republican Party will have to evolve into a more humanitarian party, one that considers the will of the people and remembers their Oaths, else they will become something cruel and evil … perhaps they already have.

  6. Sadly Keith, you can expect no better from anyone associated with the disaster which was fallen upon the USA by a freak of your voting system.
    The tragic aspect is they still have a bedrock of support, and these folk do not realise they mirror-image some of the worse excesses of current theocratic and near-theocratic states, blind subservience to a warped message.

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