Quick update from Jill

With Jill’s permission, here is an update she sent me earlier today. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She is a true gem and her words and spirit are missed.

“Despite all the docs, all the medicine, I seem to be getting worse rather than better.  I have an appointment with a different cardiologist next Monday and we’re desperately hoping for some answers and a solution.  I miss my blogging friends and keep trying to write a post, but after just a few minutes on the computer I’m thoroughly exhausted. 

Thanks so much for caring …”

Here is a link to the next to last post on Jill’s blog where she gave an update about two weeks ago.

32 thoughts on “Quick update from Jill

  1. This doesn’t sound great, does it. I really hope that Monday’s appointment brings Jill that solution so that she will soon be back with us. Please pass on my best wishes to her.

      • Keith, if possible, please let Jill see this message as follows:

        Dear Jill,

        I hereby salute and embrace you in your indefatigable stance towards Justice and Sanity in the Land of Hope and Glory.

        SoundEagle in Birch Forest Landscape with Mushrooms is thinking of you and sending you all of the Love and Positive Thoughts that one can muster…..

        Yours sincerely,

  2. Many thanks Keith for keeping us abreast of Jill’s progress or lack thereof .I feel sure Nov 1st will bring a turning point with this cardiologist and hopefully someone explains to Jill that sometimes recovery does take time and can’t be rushed.. Having said that, it’s a good sign she still wants to hang out with us reprobates.

  3. How kind of you to share this update! There can be no doubt that Jill has many followers/friends wishing, hoping and praying for a complete recovery and also for the ability to resume her beloved blogging. Filosofa’s Word has contained a plethora of posts showcasing Jill’s wit & wisdom, humor & snark, shared music & eloquent writing that have amused, delighted, provoked thought and at times just plain provoked a few followers. “Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it’s inspiring.” – Sady Ali Khan…Jill is!! Thank-you!

    • Ellen, many thanks. You have wonderfully noted why we all are huge fans of our friend. I will be letting her know of all the well wishes. Take care, Keith

    • Cindy, many thanks. Jill’s blog can be described as equal parts fun, good people stories and detailed subject matter in the news. She researches her news stories with great detail, so her opinion has relevance and veracity, even if some do not agree with her. I learn something every time I go there from her and the readers she attracts. Keith

    • Jill, many thanks for commenting. You have many who care about you and what you have to say. Your words matter. You matter. Take care my friend. We miss you. Keith

  4. Thanks for sharing Keith. You’re so right. She’s missed more than she realizes I bet. Here’s hoping she makes a speedy recovery. My thoughts are with her

  5. Note to Readers: I was looking over a few recent posts of Jill’s and, instead of one of her pertinent news oriented posts, I found this one on Neil Diamond’s “September Morn.” Like my wife and I, Jill is a big Diamond fan and she is unashamedly so. So, give this song a listen through her post and think of our friend Jill swaying to the music of this crooner. The post itself gives a glimpse of her wit.


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