Trump Family Fraud Charges

Let’s keep this simple.

The news out of New York regarding the civil fraud case against the Trump family and organization should not be a surprise as these folks have been investigating the Trumps for three years. While this is a civil action with severe financial consequences, the case has also been referred to the US Attorney General for possible criminal action.

For those who cannot believe the Trumps would do such things, they should look at the fraud case he settled before the 2020 election where the former president agreed to repay the Trump Foundation for about $1.6 million Trump used for personal benefit. The Foundation was then terminated and the funds were distributed to charities with no one named Trump allowed to be part of the oversight process. To add insult to injury, the Trump children on the Board of Trustees had to undergo philanthropic training.

So, the current charges are in keeping with previous precedent. It should also be noted the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, stiff-armed forays by the former president to settle the case beforehand. Why? Her team of prosecutors must have a very good case.

20 thoughts on “Trump Family Fraud Charges

  1. Very impressed with Leticia James and I too am pretty sure she has a good case with an over 200 page complaint! She also referred potential financial crimes to the IRS. Bring. It. On!!! I was trying to find her comment with the word “astounding” but can’t seem to find it now. That comment really struck me as Ms. James emphasized the word astounding.

  2. It sure would be nice to see him pay the price for his crimes, and I’m certain AG James has a rock-solid case here … perhaps finally a small bit of justice can be served. I still want him charged on federal crimes though, that would have more than only a monetary impact. Odd .. I haven’t heard ol’ Lindsey threatening violence if Trump is convicted on this one …

    • Jill, apparently, even ol’Lindsey spoke out against Trump’s bizarre claim that he can change classified status by thinking about it. Apparently, there is a process one has to follow to change classified status. Who knew? Everyone but Trump. Keith

      • Y’know … the more cornered Trump gets, the stupider he gets. That was the dumbest thing I’ve heard come out of his mouth yet! I wish I could cook supper just by thinking about it, or fold that load of towels in the dryer, but that ain’t how it works! Sigh.

      • Jill, one thing about the former president, if you give him an opportunity to talk, he will say some incredulous things. Kind of like the ingesting disinfectant comment that made Dr. Birx literally want to crawl under her chair when he asked for corroboration. Keith

  3. The phrase ‘Why Am I Not Surprised?’ springs to mind.
    All nations have ups and downs. Tens of millions of Americans placing their trust and future in the hands of such a fellow, must mark as the start of a low point.
    In Letitia James and her team there is another candle of hope for the future.

    • Roger, you have to believe when the truth is not on your side, it has to eventually catch up to you. This particular civil case will hurt the former president in his wallet and we all know how he hates to spend his own money. Keith

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