You’re no day at the beach either

For some reason, my news feed includes these small banners that will highlight some female star from her younger days with a headline that says something like so-and-so is 82 and you won’t believe what she looks like now. I choose not to open these as they want to paint how someone no longer looks like they used to. My thoughts usually settle on this retort to the author of said piece, “you’re no day at the beach either.”

As an imperfect person when I was younger and more so as an older person, we each should do our best to stay in good shape for health reasons, self-esteem and to put our best foot forward for our partner. I do my best to keep my waistline manageable by walking, Yoga and Pilates and I do my best by trying to stay tone with light weightlifting and calisthenics. But, gravity is a powerful force and a full head of hair is only a dream as my monk’s cap grows. Gosh darn it.

I recognize these stars made a living off their beauty and a sad indictment of Hollywood is the business is cruel moreso to women as they age than men. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but for the most part the roles are less plentiful for older actresses. That is truly sad as there are countless older actresses who the public would like to see. It is like watching an old friend.

So, for those guys who want to highlight that some former femme-fatale is not as beautiful as she once was, please remember what you might look like if your picture was flashed up on the newsfeed. Let me close with a funny retort from a friend. After my wife and I saw Tina Turner perform in early 60’s, I made a comment to a friend that “I hope I look as good as she does when I get to her age.” He immediately responded, “You don’t look that good now.” Touche.

16 thoughts on “You’re no day at the beach either

  1. unless you are a performer with the real skills (i.e. singing, dancing, performing, etc., etc., etc.) otherwise, the entertainment industry will have that no more than three-second attention span on you, unless there’s something on the tabloids that made you famous, which wouldn’t be the good kind of fame you would want to have.

    • Is that akin to Andy Warhol’s fifteen seconds of fame comment? Or was it fifteen minutes? I remember rock singer/ guitarist Peter Frampton saying you are a pop star for two years at most, but you are a musician for a lifetime. Thanks for your comment. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I have written before that women have way too many magazines, ads, entertainment shows, peer pressure, et al telling them how they need how to look. Movie directors or TV producers opting for the younger starlets further fuels this pressure. I remember the fuss made when the cable news outlets went with younger females asking the more seasoned female journalists to pack their bags. As I recall it was fairly overt. It seemed how someone looked mattered more than what they said. Maybe that began the downhill trend where perception is more important than substance.

  3. I feel the same way about those ads, especially after having my daughter deal with anorexia in the past. The pressure of society is horrible!
    LOL at your friend’s comeback! 😂 Good one.

  4. Tina Turner looks good because she never smoked cigarettes or did any other drug. After she became a Buddhist, she became a vegetarian. The main reason women age is because of cigarettes & bad diet & for white women, tanning. You can’t stop the aging process completely but you can look young & healthy if you take care of yourself.

      • When you get older, less makeup is the way to go. Too much makeup makes you look older … like Tammy Faye Baker LOL. I used to love doing up my eyes … that “smoky” look … but it doesn’t look good anymore. I wear almost no makeup anymore. Just a bit of mascara & a little blusher.

        I never smoked cigarettes. My uncle Donnie, who was in the Navy, smoked like a fiend & he told me (I couldn’t have been any older than 5) “Never smoke. It’s a dirty, disgusting habit. I wish I had never started.” & I never did. But everyone I know smokes. My very best friend is dying of lung cancer.

        I’m 62. Everyone I meet thinks I’m younger than I am. I have silver hair but nowadays, the kids dye their hair this color so … I get told I look no older than 40. I think that’s crazy but whatever. I have almost no wrinkles but I always took care of my skin.

        It’s all relative, right? I met a woman this evening who told me she was 85 & she looked like she was no more than 70. Absolutely gorgeous.

      • Great story and examples. Thanks for sharing these pieces of advice and experiences. As for the anti-aging approaches, the best two I can think of is walk more and do some stretching, yoga, etc. So, no cigarettes, less make-up, more walking and a little yoga and people are ahead of the game. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: I think Jamie Lee Curtis proudly goes with minimal or no make-up these days. Another woman, like Tina Turner, who is stunning at an advanced age is Helen Mirren. There are many more who should be highlighted.

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