Thursday needs a song and a few other thoughts

Off the top of my head, I am having a hard time thinking of a song with Thursday in the title or chorus. As I write this, I can remember a few songs for the other days of the week, with Wednesday being the hardest one to recall. So, with a special shout out to Thursday, here are a few odds and ends.

I mentioned in a comment earlier this week that Tesla is on target for rolling out 250,000 of its new affordable electric car. The car sells for US$35,000, is fun to drive and can go 215 miles on a charge. It should be noted that Elon Musk’s Tesla is one of the leading edge innovators on advanced battery storage.

I read yesterday in Reuters that Geely Volvo will only produce electric and hybrid cars after 2019. Let that statement sink in a little. Volvo will not produce combustible engine cars after 2019. I want you to think about that as the President wants to increase fossil fuel production. Apparently, Geely Volvo sees a different future.

At the same time these articles appeared, Scott Pruitt, who heads the EPA decided to spend our tax money in delving further into the climate change is a hoax theory. This is after the EPA removed various research links to papers and work on climate science from its website at Pruitt’s order. This alternative research flies in the face of peer reviewed science that questions the veracity of findings. Apparently “making America great again” means to throw away our advantage and let the world pass us by.

Finally, just to further this point, ice floes off of Antarctica are melting at a faster pace than expected. Now, we should note that when floating ice melts, it does not by itself contribute to sea level rise. But, these ice floes protect the land ice and, once gone, the land ice will melt at a faster pace and that will impact sea level rise.

So, Messers. Trump and Pruitt, are you quite sure we want to leave the Paris Climate Change Accord, focus on climate change denial and invest more heavily in fossil fuels? Yes, this is about the environment, but is also about jobs. The jobs are growing much faster in renewable energy and related industries.


33 thoughts on “Thursday needs a song and a few other thoughts

  1. Note to Readers: On the heels of the Volvo announcement, President Macron of France announced that his country will ban the sale of gas and diesel powered cars beginning in 2040. This is a bold statement, which reveals a different future than the US President is seeing. Speaking only as an investor, would you invest more in an industry that has an uncertain future?

  2. Note to Readers: I am early into a great book called “Climate of Hope: How cities, businesses and citizens can save the planet,” by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope. Here is a quote from Bloomberg, “America’s ability to meet our Paris climate pledge doesn’t depend on Washington.” I agree. We are passed the tipping point.

  3. Very interesting news about Volvo, for sure, and also about Macron’s announcement. Thanks to Trump, we are going to be left behind in the dust of the more sensible and progressive nations. I did see an article in the Washington Post, however, that a federal appeals court struck down the EPA’s 90-day suspension of new emission standards on oil and gas wells, so a bit of good news anyway.

    As re your search for songs about Thursday: 🙂

    • Jill, thanks for the Thursday song reference. Trump does not recognize that he is removing himself from important conversations on climate change. Do pick up a copy of “Climate of Hope,” as you will see the huge progress already made and that will be made without Washington. It would be great to leverage what they do with a global leader in Washington. Trump’s ego won’t like being left out. Keith

      • “Climate of Hope” — added to tbr list! Yes, Trump’s ego may not like being left out, or … or … he may just take the opposite approach and claim that he alone knows what is right and will prove the others to be wrong. With him, who knows? Nothing surprises me anymore.

      • Jill, the book will give you hope that things are being done and have been done. The chapter which discusses the fight against new coal plants is worth the read.

        It is hard, but I am trying to pay less attention to the President’s inane comments and focus on the actions. His words show so much inconsistency, what he says is less relevant. Keith

      • This is exactly what I was thinking about earlier today, when I debated writing a post about his inane tweet about John Podesta. I concluded that, while what he says is outrageous most of the time, we DO need to focus more on what he — and others in his administration — are doing. So often I believe his words are intended to distract us from the more important issues. We cannot, I think, ignore them altogether, but we really must go looking to see what he is trying to cover with his bluster and smoke.

        Another thought along the same lines, is that if the media would give much less attention to his tweets, it would put a huge dent in his fragile ego, but it might also have the effect of him toning down his inanities. If nobody appears to be listening, why talk? But alas, we both know that his very craziness is the thing that sells advertising, people love it, and thus it will continue to be in our faces 24/7.

      • Jill, David Brooks and Ruth Marcus spoke last night of the scripted Trump and the off-the-cuff Trump. When he reads others’ words, he is less inane. But, the real Trump shows up in the tweets and conversation. His discussion with Putin to the press basically said absolutely nothing. Keith

      • All true. I can always tell when somebody else wrote his speech for him. I wonder if he has ever had a genuine moment in his adult life?

      • Jill, while many conservatives lauded his speech, Trudy Rubin, a national columnist who focuses on global issues has a good take on the underlying context. To me the sad truth is we compliment him when he does something that seems Presidential. To my memory, there have been three in almost six months – state of the Union speech, comments after the Scalise shooting and this speech – even though the bar was low and the words left many questions. But, that is far better than his ad lib inanity and meanness.

      • Yes, it rather reminds me of clapping for a toddler who successfully used the potty. 🙂 I shall have to check out Trudy Rubin … I’ve never heard of her.

      • True. Rubin’s columns do not often appear in my paper, but she is consistently a strong writer with well thought opinions. She is a moderate, which we need far more of.

  4. Oh yeah. We are on a Trumpesque race to the bottom. A big, fat wide bottom, at that. We Are Making America Great(ly) Stupid Now. (I don’t think we’ve ever been perceived that way in history…or at least not since we won our independence, so again doesn’t fit.

    • Linda, the other interesting news item is the deal between Japan and the EU. Others around the world will just work around America. Large trade deals will be done without us. Keith

      • Linda, to the contrary as we continue to retrench from our global leadership, others see the need and opportunity to step up. Historians will view this ceding of leadership as one of the biggest mistakes America will ever make. I am including pulling out of the Paris Climate Change Accord as part of that retrenchment. Keith

      • There are also worrisome retrenchments going on in addition to ours, however. I just hope the rest of the global leadership looks on and learns from the mistakes of those of us who are plummeting out of control.

      • I think France learned from the Trump and Brexit elections and what they bring. Hopefully, others will as well.

  5. Dear Keith,
    I am ordering the book “Climate of Hope,” via Amazon. Thanks for the info.

    If I win the lotto, I will be purchasing a Tesla vehicle. The news about VOLVO is great. This and Tesla will spark competition which means other auto car makers will have to get on-board the gravy train.

    We are being left behind by not honoring TPP agreement and/ or creating other ones. These deals were a net win for the USA consumer with one failing. There was not enough monies allotted to help displaced workers as a result of these trade deals but that foible can be corrected.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, I hope you enjoy the book. It would be nice to see the competition ratchet up between Tesla and Volvo. The other competitor is having no car, as cities increase in size.

      As for the trade deals, none are perfect and few are a disaster as our President likes to call everything not done by him. But, his spotty business record is its own subject. More trade means more customers, but we must do things to help those whose jobs are lost – we have tended to not think hard enough about that for many decades (and even centuries). And, the job concerns will continue with technology improvements and expansions. Keith

  6. We have a broadly similar situation, we have left the nearest trading pact (Europe) to forge out on our own. A collection of islands without its own merchant marine fleet; apparently it is all going to be achieved through financial services, service industries for tourists and air cargos.
    Though we didn’t have a self-centred incompetent to do this for us, we just blundered into it the old fashioned British way.

    • Roger, while understand the cultural issues, the financial picture under Brexit is bleaker than if the UK remains and it has been from the outset. A new poll is revealing voter’s remorse, so maybe a change in thinking is in the works. Here we have a man who won with a retrenchment policy in a party that has always favored global trade. Keith

      • Very few folk in the UK even thought about the financial aspect, it was all to do with a knee jerk reaction to the arguable perceived over-large intervention by a European state and racism whipped up by an irresponsible wing of the press.
        Those who adhere to the latter aspect would be hysterical in their reactions at any attempt to stay in Europe and so we will have to make the best of it.
        The lamentations will be of Biblical proportions.

      • Roger, the financial jobs are already being relocated. London’s loss will be gains for Dublin, Brussels, Frankfurt, etc. Keith

      • Indeed. Some of our ‘Brexiteers’ seem to think we can bring back not just the spirit, but the political clout of the 18th & 19th centuries; having missed the point that we don’t have the ships anymore!

      • Excellent point. What is also interesting is younger folks want to stay in as they value the mobility and options.

      • Quite understandable too. The younger voters did not treat Mrs May very kindly this election.
        One of the annoying things about Brexit is the assumption that everyone over 60 voted to leave. We voted ‘Stay’ for our grandchildren’s future.

      • Roger, it holds true here. The younger folks are concerned about civil liberties and climate change. Keith

  7. Note to Readers: While Thursday may not be as musical a day as others, it remains an excellent day to go out. Restaurants and bars are gearing up for the weekend, but crowds can be avoided. For us old married folks, we avoid going out Friday’s and go early on Saturday’s.

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