The weather outside is frightful

The weather outside is frightful. Inside it’s so delightful. And, since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let is snow.

Please think good thoughts for those who are exposed to the severe cold and wintry precipitation. May they stay warm and travel safely if they must. We will be in the teens here over several nights, but our Minnesota based friend, Hugh, said he awoke to 19 below, Fahrenheit. Yikes!

I also want to emphasize the word “weather.” The US President either purposefully or unknowingly confused climate with weather. If purposeful, his intent was to play up to the “climate change is hoax” crowd among his followers. Unfortunately, this becomes an annual confusion effort which is either cynical of filled with malintent. Someone needs to tell the President that it is summer time in the Southern Hemisphere and 2017 set a new record for average heat around the globe. A few days of frigid weather in December north of the equator and June south of the equator will not alter that fact.

It would be nice if the President did not forsake the US global standing and stay engaged as a leader on climate change efforts. We have some of the leading climate scientists and data in the world. We are also one of the two biggest carbon emitters. Fortunately, other state, city and business leaders will keep the US moving forward leveraging the many good efforts.

Have a wonderful 2018. Let’s move this ball forward. Our children and their children need us to.

13 thoughts on “The weather outside is frightful

  1. Dear Keith,

    President Trump and the rest of his republican sycophants operating in the White House, the US Congress and elsewhere need an education. They have to be clueless or heartless to continue down their path of climate change science denial where they are putting future generations, their own progeny at risk and in harm’s way.

    You would have thought this past year with a record number of severe storms causing billions of dollars in damages, would have gotten their attention, but, no way.

    Hugs, Gronda

    • Gronda, you are right, they are doing this at their own peril as well as the planet. History will hold them accountable for their malfeasance on this issue. Keith

  2. Stormy and freezing times indeed in some parts of the world! But every ice age had its ending. Happy New Year and let’s not lose the view to a time after! Lots of love!

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