Tuesday’s gone with the wind – a few wisps to consider

One of my favorite Lynyrd Skynrd’s songs is the ballad “Tuesday’s gone with the wind.” Using that as a theme for a potpourri of topics, let me toss of few of them into the breeze and see where they might blow.

– One of the more provocative movie lines was uttered by a very young Lauren Bacall to her future real husband Humphrey Bogart in “To have and have not.” She said “Steve, you know how to whistle don’t you? You just put your lips together and blow.”

– Chicago is known as the “Windy City,” but that is not due to the cold wind that blows in from Lake Michigan. It is due to blowhard politicians. Right now, we have the windiest of people in the White House. If I could say one thing to him that might have a chance of being heard, it would be “Mr. president, if you can’t add any value, please stop talking.”

– Speaking of wind, former Arizona Senator John Kyl was caught in a lie by a reporter. His response, “It is your fault for mistaking my words as the truth.” Again, that is yet another reason not to believe a word the president says.

– Peter, Paul and Mary do justice to Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the wind.” They sang it in on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when Martin Luther King uttered his famous “I have a dream” speech. Dylan’s words echo with his important chorus as he searches for solutions to obvious pain and suffering. “The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind. The answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

– Speaking of that famous MLK speech. The marvelous gospel singer Mahalia Jackson is the reason he gave it that day. She had heard him give it before, but MLK had not planned to give that speech. Sensing early on that the words MLK began with were falling flat, she shouted from behind MLK to “tell them about the dream, Martin.” MLK then went off script to say his resounding words.

– Lincoln’s name speaks loudly these days for more than obvious reasons. The Emancipation Proclamation and constitutional amendment to free the slaves are well known. Yet, he is also remembered for putting enemies of his on his cabinet. Think about that. He wanted to keep them close, but he also wanted to hear from them on dissenting views. I think of that as we have a president who has filled and refilled his cabinet with people whose loyalty is more important than competency. To me, this is a key reason a group of Republicans who favor the defeat of Donald Trump have called themselves “The Lincoln Project.”

Invoking “Blowin’ in the wind” one more time. We have many challenges facing our country and planet. Yet, one of the answers is being advocated by The Lincoln Project. That answer blowin’ in the wind is the defeat of Donald Trump in November.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s gone with the wind – a few wisps to consider

  1. Note to Readers: This song has extra meaning as my wife tells the funny story of he brother being on the high side of life listening to this song on his headphones. How did she know which song? He was loudly singing along with muffled song.

  2. “It is your fault for mistaking my words as the truth.” Oh, isn’t that just royal! It speaks for every republican in the Administration and Congress, and perhaps a few democrats as well! I did not know that about Mahalia Jackson and MLK’s ‘Dream Speech’ … fascinating!

    • Thanks Jill. The person may get thrown out, but I wish a reporter would directly call out the president on one of his many lies. Which one to pick is the hardest part. As for Mahalia, I thought that moment was priceless. The fact he and she realized he was not connecting and switched gears is an amazing tribute to both.

      • So do I, but every time a reporter comes close to doing so, Trump shuts him down calling him or her ‘nasty’ and turning to another without letting that reporter finish. Where is the freedom of the press?????? Y’know, I don’t care at all for gospel music, but Mahalia Jackson … wow, there was just something magical about that woman and her voice.

      • Jill, we must not forget, Mr. Tough Guy did not show up for a debate because mean ol’ Meghan Kelly asked him hard questions the last time. By the way, he fired another watchdog last night, on Friday, so he did not have to speak to anyone. Why? Of course, we know the answers why. Keith

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