The president has said “without proof”

Seemingly, a phrase frequently being used by more legitimate news sources is the modifier “without proof.” Without proof is being added to news coverage of the latest assertion made by the president.

It may become the successor to “fake news” as it accompanies reporting of the many untruthful statements or conspiracy theories said or tweeted by the president. Using a mathematical expression, it is “causally related” to the frequency of the president’s blathering, not just correlated.

Without proof. The Washington Post has tracked over 20,000 lies by the president in about three and a half years. That is staggering. Plus, from biographers to reputable authors to attorneys to staff to military leaders to relatives, including his sister the judge, there are many sources who note the president’s untruthful nature. His sister the judge says her brother “lacks credibility.”

So, do yourself a favor and do what I do. Do not believe a word Donald Trump says. The odds are well in your favor. But, if you feel I am all wet, let me share as Examples A and B, two recurring lies the president has used. These are not one time lies – he has uttered or tweeted these two lies multiple times.

Example A – China is paying for the tariffs on US goods. This is simply untrue and each time he says it, economists point out the importers pay the tariiffs and usually pass along the cost to consumers. This means we shoppers pay the tariffs.

Example B – Trump passed the VA Health Care Choice bill to help veterans. He has said this multiple times, but the bill was passed in 2014. He was not inaugurated until 2017. This is the issue Paula Reid, a CBS reporter raised the other day when Trump again said it in a press conference.

I can share top of mind lies the president has uttered or throw in a few unproven conspiracy theories he has espoused. But, these two examples are recurring lies that he will likely use again. Right now, he is on a warpath to convince Americans mail-in voting is subject to significant fraud, again “without proof.” What should be more known is fellow Republicans are advocating mail-in voting as it used exclusively in five states and consequentially in thirty five more. Why would they be doing that if fraud was a concern.

As for fraud, it should be noted, last week. the Republican led Senate Intelligence Committee confirmed the overall veracity of the Mueller report, saying the Russian involvement in the Trump campaign was even more intrusive. So, this confirms, with proof, the president’s campaign was guilty of fraud.

12 thoughts on “The president has said “without proof”

  1. I’ve noticed a few Republicans touting vote-by-mail Keith. But certainly not enough. We need the leadership i.e McConnell, McCarthy, to come out forcefully on this. Plus other higher profile R’s as well. The more they let this president spread his BS, the more people will begin to question the legitimacy of the election. Of all the 20k lies and ‘without proof’ statements by this president, this myth about massive voter fraud might be his worst, and the most dangerous. Kudos to Rs who are speaking out. We need more!!!

    • Sigh. I agree, but don’t hold your breath waiting for any of the republicans in Congress to ‘do the right thing’, to remember their oath to We the People, for their fortunes are too closely tied to Trump’s … for them, this is a matter of political life and death, and their own futures matter far more to them than do ours. Sigh.

      • Jill, what is sad is the significant majority of Republican legislators do not trust the person they quiver from. I have used the Wizard of Oz analogy, but once Trump is gone, it will be more like the wicked witch melting. The soldiers were elated
        Dorothy knocked off the witch. This is why I am hoping, beyond hope, a few active Senators will support Biden. Keith

      • Yep, they’re going to either live, or die with him. That’s the choice they’ve all made

      • Jeff, I bet they wish they could turn back the clock. The first inflection point was the John McCain comment, the second was when Mike Pence briefly resigned from the campaign after the Access Hollywood tapes were made public, and the third was when the Senate had a chance to convict Trump and remove him. It could have been handled as something that must be done. Keith

    • Jeff, very true. Two things. On NPR, they referenced Trump’s attack on mail-in voting using the variation “without evidence.” And, I shared with Scottie, I received a RNC fundraising survey that included a question referencing Democrat attempts to steal the election through mail-in voting. This means the RNC has no scruples like the president. It is sad that folks cover for the president’s “without evidence” BS. Keith

  2. Your two examples are perfect, Keith. With the person having told more than 20,000 lies in under 4 years, it is hard to choose, but these are ones he touts over and over again, along with what a ‘terrific’ job he’s done responding to the pandemic that has taken more than 180,000 lives in the U.S. alone, and still counting. That there are people who still believe his every word speaks to their own character … or lack, thereof.

    • Jill, so true. The attempts to rewrite history to CYA is extraordinary by itself, but when folks join in to help him CYA, it is downright sad. Keith

      • Jill, it will be in the chapter how America lost its global leadership role and almost lost its soul. If Trump wins, the word almost will be erased. We have survived bad presidents and regimes, Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld and Richard Nixon, but it will be better if we can elect this corrupt and deceitful president out. Keith

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