Former Republican Chair is committed to seeing Trump lose

Michael Steele, a long-time Republican and former Chair of the Republican Party, has had enough. Steele is actively working to assure the current president loses in November. Wny? David Smith writes in The Guardian about his interview with Steele, an African-American, in the following piece entitled “‘They capitulated to Trump’: Michael Steele on the fight for the Republican party’s soul.”

Here a few paragraphs from the article, which can be linked to in full below.

“’I asked myself, what are the things that matter to you? It mattered that this president has openly said to us, I’m not going to accept the outcome of this election if I don’t win. It matters to me what he’s done with the Postal Service to prevent Americans from accessing the ballot box. I see this is the time for choosing, and the choice that unfortunately many in my party, particularly in the party leadership, have made is that they choose Trump. They choose winning an election at all costs over the country and I think, as an American, I should be bigger than that.’

‘Out of the gate, he starts, ‘Mexicans are murderers and rapists, I’m gonna build a wall, they’re coming after you’, creating this other narrative about the very people, the very voters that the party had just spent over a million dollars putting on paper that they wanted to attract. What was the party response? Capitulation.

‘I can’t explain it because it damn sure wouldn’t have happened if I were chairman, I can tell you that, and people in this party know that’s true. So the fact of the matter is they need to explain why they allowed Donald Trump to crap all over their plans to build out the party after they lost the 2012 election.’

He goes on: ‘They have to explain why they capitulated on Russia and deficit spending and allowed Donald Trump to put children in cages and they remained silent. They have to explain why a party that stood with the Statue of Liberty in the New York harbor and promoted legal immigration and promoted the ideals of this country suddenly was interested in building a wall. I can’t explain that. That goes against my values.’”

I have watched Steele be interviewed or participate in panel discussions multiple times. While I may not always agree with what he says, I find him to be reasonable and articulate in his views. He shows a willingness to listen. His history, his service and his character support someone who has thought about what he says and believes. So, his stance against the president speaks volumes.

12 thoughts on “Former Republican Chair is committed to seeing Trump lose

  1. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Another influential Republican signs on for Joe Biden! Keith writes about Michael Steele, a long-time Republican and former Chair of the Republican Party, who is urging Republicans to wake up and see the damage Trump is doing/has done to racial relations in the U.S. Please be sure to check out the link to the article in The Guardian, as well. Thank you for this encouraging information, Keith!

  2. The whole situation resembles something that Tennessee Williams sat down to write and Marlowe, Ibsen, Brecht and Miller came along with suggestions.
    A bloated egotistical character runs a town by appealing to its thuggish section, drunk on their approval he sees nothing but their views and lashes out at any sign of criticism. His administration inept, opportunistic or craven loathes him but is in fear of the mob who have created him.
    Whether the heroes of the piece will prevail I cannot say. These types of plays never end well, you have to wait for the film adaptation.

    • Roger, Trump reminds me of all of those characters. I watched a movie on the demise of Rob Ford, the Toronto mayor, but it also included the demise of the reporters and staff who early on tried to let people know about this unruly, egomaniacal mayor. The sexual misconduct reminds me of Trump.

      But, he also reminds me of a bigger life egomaniacal and ruthless city planner in New York city named Robert Moses. He was so powerful, he was a key reason two baseball teams left the city and moved to California, as he wanted his freeways and cars. If you went up against him, he would destroy you. Keith

      • And really, when it comes down to it. What are they outside of the urban bubble of privilege…
        Give them a hard-scrabble farm 100 miles from anywhere and they would be dead within the first winter.

      • True. What confuses me is Trump has made money off two things – inherited wealth and taking advantage of people. When he lends his name to developments, he has the right to pull his name if the manager does not do their part. He gets his money leaving gilted tenants whose property value declines. To me, that sums him up as to why he should have never been elected president. Keith

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