Bob Woodward speaks again about the president

Per an article in The Hill by Joe Concha called “Woodward: Trump rooting for ‘quadruple trainwreck on Nov. 3,'” the following paragraphs reiterate concerns that more than a few of us have.

“Journalist Bob Woodward on Thursday said that President Trump declining to engage in a peaceful transition of power if he loses the election would be ‘putting a dagger in the Constitution,’ adding that he thinks that the president is ‘almost wishing for a quadruple trainwreck on Nov. 3’ in regards to mail-in voting.

‘We have a president who has forsaken his basic duty to protect the country, to tell the truth and organize and plan, have some theory of the case what is he going to do as president,” Woodward said in an appearance on MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House.’

‘Time and time again we know, and I’ve got more endless examples of this, of him making decisions on impulse, tweeting, driving people crazy who work for him and then they leave or he fires them by tweet and he says the cruelest things.’

‘I think the president in all of the things he’s doing here has forsaken a larger duty which is a moral duty to do what’s best for the country,’ he added. ‘This is a moral failure and a leadership failure. This idea about the election he’s predicting and almost wishing for a quadruple trainwreck on November 3rd.'”

Quite simply, Trump would rather our democracy suffer than admit he lost. The reason for the cheating claims can be drawn from the narcissistic defense playbook. The term is called “projection” and it means the narcissist will project onto others his faults to lessen scrutiny on himself. He claimed in July, 2016 that the election was unfair at the same time his campaign was routinely dialoguing with a Russian agent to help Trump win. A key reason for him cheating was he was trailing Hillary Clinton.

Trump is using the same playbook because he again is trailing Joe Biden. So, without substance or proof, Trump is claiming voting fraud. To be brutally frank, the only cheating going on is coming from one Donald J. Trump. Trump is an immoral person with no affinity for doing things the right way. It is truly laughable for this corrupt and deceitful person to tout he is a “law and order” president, just as it was for Nixon to do so, when he did illegal things.

So, in my view, Biden needs to not only win, but do so convincingly. Maybe then, this corrupt person named Trump will just leave come January.

6 thoughts on “Bob Woodward speaks again about the president

  1. Which is exactly why we must vote like our lives depend on it … because just maybe they do. A landslide victory for Biden would be impossible to dispute, though no doubt Trump would try.

    • Jill, if more Dems vote by mail and the initial tallies show him ahead early, he will of course, claim victory and try to stop the count. This is the point of an article in The Atlantic. Keith

      • Fortunately, he cannot stop the count, but … obviously the Supreme Court could. Gee, I wonder why he’s in such a bloody hurry to get his nominee confirmed??? 🤔 I’ll check out the article in The Atlantic … if I have another free article this month, that is!

      • Jill, probably two reasons. He thinks he is going to lose, so he wants to get this justice in. Also, he may contest a close election, so he wants friendly faces on the court. Keith

  2. It should surprise no one that Trump would gleefully stab a dagger through the heart of our Constitution. He has shown blatant disregard for the Constitution, the rule of law, fairness, and decency, and one of his initial campaign pledges was to shake things up. He has been far more effective than he gets credit for. Unfortunately.

    • Linda, Trump has already shown that winning by any cost is important than our country’s democratic process or its impact on other elections going on. This will be evident in my next post citing an article of import. Keith

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