Former Trump National Security Director tells GOP to acknowledge the reality

John Bolton urges Republicans: “‘Acknowledge the reality that Biden is the president-elect’” in an article with his title by Quint Forgey of Politico. Here are a few paragraphs below:

“Former national security adviser John Bolton urged congressional Republicans in a new interview to ‘acknowledge the reality’ that Joe Biden is president-elect — predicting GOP lawmakers would survive any potential backlash from President Donald Trump if they broke with him over the 2020 election results.

In an interview with NPR that aired Friday, Bolton said Republicans ‘may not like’ recognizing Biden as the winner of the White House race, ‘but the country deserves to give him the preparation he needs. A gracious president who kept the country’s interests first would acknowledge that.’

‘All I’m saying is that showing disagreement with the president is not fatal to your political future. I’m not asking anybody to climb Mount Suribachi and plant the American flag on top of it,’ Bolton added, referring to the iconic photograph of U.S. Marines raising the flag during the Battle of Iwo Jima.”

Yesterday, the president-elect was declared the winner in Arizona and Georgia, while the president was declared such in North Carolina. The electoral college count now tallies 306 votes to Biden and 232 to Trump. Ironically, this is the same margin of victory that Trump had in 2016. The key in 2020 is Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin went for the Democrat candidate this time.

On the legal front, the Trump campaign efforts are waning. Two law firms representing Trump are seeking permission from judges to back out of cases. A case in Arizona was withdrawn as it will not change the result and the Trump campaign has lost several others in Pennsylvania and Michigan while winning one small case that threw out some ballots in PA. A hand recount is occurring in Georgia, as per state law due to the closeness of the election.

Sadly, with the orchestrated manner in which the president claimed victory, tried to stop the counts, noted voter fraud was trying to steal the election and with his lawsuits, his base believes something is amiss. The fact some spineless Senators have gone along with the Trump charade is frustrating. Trump lost because Biden got more votes in key states.

Four Republican Senators (Romney, Collins, Murkowski and Sasse) have publicly acknowledged Biden as president-elect. Many others have done so privately to Biden. Senators Langford and Grassley have been vocal about Biden getting intelligence briefings. As they note, it is a national security risk for him not to be up to speed.

In my view, this yet one more series of examples of the incumbent focusing on himself rather than the country. As his niece Mary said, her uncle will “burn down everything to avoid losing.” That is evident and a scary premonition of what could come. A person who acts corruptly and deceitfully will stoop to just about anything to win.

Yet, one question seems to evade Trump and his supporters that evokes Occam’s Razor. Occam’s Razor notes the simplest explanation is the more obvious reason. Trump is asking us to believe there is a massive voter fraud effort against him, which would have to include the collusion of many Republican election officials and Secretaries of State.

Is it is easier to believe that a massive voter fraud scheme was undertaken, or a president, who is known for being untruthful, who hired attorneys over the summer, who defamed the mail-in vote process, who hobbled the post office and who told his voters to vote in person knowing those votes would be counted first, is perpetuating a fraud on the American public?

11 thoughts on “Former Trump National Security Director tells GOP to acknowledge the reality

  1. It is so very cool that Biden won with the same number as Trump did the last time. Karma… lol But most of all Biden’s victory is clear and he received congratulations from all over the world, even from China! Trump should have taken the last spark of pride to leave the White House in dignity. But he not only lost the election, but he also lost face, at least now.

      • Yes, exactly! He puts it the way he needs it. I love how Romney said on CNN that Trump has a relaxed relationship with the truth. Just comes to my mind. He is twisting things the way he needs them regardless of the facts. He does not even notice that he has disqualified himself with such statements.
        Thank God, meanwhile his own people are talking clearly to him.

      • Erika, Mitt Romney’s comment is probably the kindest description of Trump’s lying nature. He and his sycophants are harming America with these fraud claims. They are not listening to Republican election officials who are pushing back on the president’s claims. Keith

  2. Unfortunately, Trump has no conscience and has never put the best interests of the country before his own, so we surely cannot expect that he will now. The next 67 days are likely to be chaotic and in some ways dangerous to the future of this nation. What’s most disturbing to me is the number of people who go along with his conspiracy theories, as evidenced by thousands showing up in Washington today to protest the results of the election. Where are their heads? Sigh.

    • Jill, to me, the Senators who have endorsed the president’s fraud on the country should be held to account. They are overlooking a lot of Trump machinations to support his claim. The base is not paying attention to how poorly Trump’s litigation is going. Keith

      • Btw, the Republicans who remained true to Trump did well in the elections. He did not drag down the party. He remains their only asset, poor bastards. They need him to campaign in Georgia. Your average Congressman is simply weak in the spine department. We’ll need a shovel to get him out.

      • Bumba, true. Had Trump gotten fewer votes, it would be a different calculation. Yet, with thst said, Arizona and Georgia turned for Biden and he won the three states Trump won from Clinton – PA, Michigan and Wisconsin. Keith

      • Bumba: We’ll need a shovel to get him out

        Or a pooper-scooper.

        When they’re too crazy for Bolton, they’re too crazy, period. The problem is that the Republicans are now more of a cult than a party. Trump was the Messiah who was to cleanse America of the evil liberals and usher in the Wingnut Millennium. Seeing him go down like this, losing to an ordinary politician in an ordinary election, isn’t just a political defeat — it’s a failure of holy prophecy. As such, it simply cannot be acknowledged because doing so would explode the entire cult world-view.

      • Infidel, it saddens many that not only are people supporting Trump’s orchestrated fraud on the election, but 72 million people voted for him. Why? The key reason is fear. Trump ran against socialism and defunding of the police. Yet, what those folks who heeded that message could not comprehend is we have some socialism already in our country along with our fettered capitalism and the defunding of the police did not mean take away all of the money. With that said, “defunding the police” will go down as one of the worst slogans, as it gave Trump the prop he needed. Trump made his followers believe the police would go away, which was not the purpose of the message.

        What the more legitimate press underestimates is the reach of folks like Sinclair Broadcasting, which owns about 40% of the TV stations across middle America – people tend to trust their local stations more. So, the echo chamber is very hard to penetrate with subtlety. Americans, as a whole, are a very ill-informed nation. Keith

      • I agree 100% with you. They have been overlooking and enabling for so long now that it must be second nature to them, and unfortunately, we are becoming, at least to some extent, inured to it all.

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