Note sent to my Senators and the Senate Majority Leader

Dear Senator,

On behalf of a nation in crisis due to the continuing and unsurprising fraudulent claims of wide-scale voter fraud by the outgoing president, even after losing 55 court cases, winning only one, please speak out as a senior Senator. As an Independent and former Republican voter, our democracy has been damaged and hard-working oath bound election officials, judges, secretaries of state and governors are getting death threats – many of those are Republicans and they deserve better than the way they are being treated. And, now I read some folks got stabbed at a pro-Trump rally.

In the large vacuum of silence, the few courageous voices of people named Romney, Alexander, Cornyn, Kinzinger, Riggleman, etc. are getting drowned out by what conservative SE Cupp calls “fan fiction.” We desperately need more Senators from my former party to speak out. It is sad, dangerous and frankly embarrassing that they have not.

So, please speak out. It concerns me greatly how many Republicans believe what the outgoing president and his sycophants are saying. Many thanks for heeding my request and safe travels and happy holidays to you, your team and your family.


Please feel free to adapt and use. These folks need to hear from more rational people and not those espousing fan fiction.

7 thoughts on “Note sent to my Senators and the Senate Majority Leader

  1. Note to Readers: You would think these Congress people would learn, but they continue. Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R) is pushing for a vote against approving the electoral college vote on January 6 (see link below). He does not have the votes, but he wants to appease the outgoing president’s efforts to overturn a fair election. I called Brooks last week and had a nice conversation with one of his staff sharing my concerns.

    Since you will be unable to send him an email if you are not in his district, you will either need to write of call him. Please call your Congress person if they still feel losing 55 of 56 cases (Trump lost yet another one today) warrants pushing a wide-scale fraud claim. Also, please call the brave GOP Senators and Congress people for speaking out against the outgoing president’s fraudulent claims.

  2. Note to Readers II: The headline from Alexandra Garrett’s piece in Newsweek says:

    “WSJ Editorial Board Says Trump Should Concede: ‘He Has No Legal Alternatives'”

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