Email to Republican Senators and conservative opinion hosts

I have posted the following email on a few websites, several conservative opinion hosts along with a few Republican Senators. My point is to ask why did these people knowingly risk it all to do the right thing? Please feel free to comment and/ or adapt and use.

What continues to fail me is when people look past the courage and conviction of folks doing the right thing to fault them on their message. I see it today with people posing death threats to Republicans who dare push back on the deceitful former president. Don’t the folks who threaten people realize that the target of their threat knows they will receive such threat, yet they share their concerns anyway? Now, why would they risk so much?

The people of courage are those who testified under oath or wrote inspector general reports over concerns about the former president’s actions. They are the Republican (and Democrat) election officials, judges, secretaries of state and governors who told the former president he lost the election. They are the ten GOP representatives who voted to impeach the former president. My question is why did only ten do so, when it is clear the former president lied to repeatedly, invited, revved up and sicced these tin soldiers on the Capitol building?

And, now there are only five Republican Senators who voted to hear the impeachment trial. Five. The five Senators match the five people who are dead because of the former president led insurrection. And, we should not forget members of Congress were in danger as well due to this terrorist attack. This former president needs to be held to account. It is that simple, says this independent and former GOP voter. What the former president did is unforgivable.

17 thoughts on “Email to Republican Senators and conservative opinion hosts

    • Jill, thanks. I saw 45 GOP Senstors voted to not hear the trial due to its unconstitutionality. This indicates how scared these Senators are to take a vote on the record siding with their conscience. They should be reminded that Trump’s tin soldiers came close to harming people including those who are genuflecting at the feet of clay of this person. Keith

      • Yep, 45 of them couldn’t find the courage to agree that people, even Donald Trump, must be held accountable for their actions. I’ll be posting about this tomorrow afternoon (a.m. is, as always, reserved for ‘good people’ post). The other 45 are not fit to govern, for they have only their own interests at heart, not those of the people who they are supposed to serve. Cowards, every one of them are cowards!

      • Jill, and the truth is, they came close to not being around to vote thanks to the insurrectionist who paraded around as president. Keith

  1. “realize that the recipient knows they will receive such” – I cannot parse this. The recipient (of the treats) knows they [sender? receiver?] will receive such [missing noun goes here?]. Help.

  2. Note to Readers: Here are the five Republican Senators who voted to hear the impeachment evidence. The rest voted on a technicality so as not to make vote that will require courage and conscience.

    The brave five are: Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse and Pat Toomey.

    • Erika, so very true. I used those very words with Republican Senators. Erika, I was toying with the idea of enlisting open minded, rational folks from around the blogging world, to reach out to an American and just share how great it is that America will return to normal governance where truth is no longer a victim, rejoining the rest of the world to solve our global problems. Keith

      • I think that thought is obviously washing over your country from inside and outside of it! It feels like the world is taking one deep breath after another!

    • Thanks Roger. That boost helps. Please refer to my note to Erika. I reference a tell-an-American campaign to simply say how glad American has more normal governance where truth is no longer a victim. And, how good it is that America is returning to the world stage. Too many here do not know how low our global stock fell under the former president. Keith

      • You would not have thought the term ‘Failed State’ would be associated with the USA and yet under Trump it did in his Make America Garishly Abhorrent stance.
        Keep up the good work Keith.

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