Oh, Ron, bless your heart

A variation of the following was posted on the website of Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. To be frank, the Senator is not top of mind on a list of truthful Senators. Please feel free to adapt and use.

Senator Johnson, thank you for your service. However, as an Independent and former Republican voter, I must confess my disappointment in your recent comments regarding the insurrection on the Capitol caused by the former president. We cannot have a sitting president, through his misinformation, invitation and rabble-rousing to point his more zealous fans toward the Capitol building telling them to stop the wheels of governance by violence. It is one of the worst episodes in our country’s history and we simply need to hold people accountable, including the former president.

Further, as a southern white man, equating these extremists to the multi-racial Black Lives Matter movement is political gamesmanship. Yes, there are a few zealous folks in the BLM movement and violence has no place in any movement. But, to equate the Trump inspired extremists with the largely peaceful BLM movement is racist and inappropriate.   That is what this former Republican believes.

There is no place for violence. Full stop. This is even more true when the instigator is the president of the United States.

13 thoughts on “Oh, Ron, bless your heart

  1. Hello Keith. Do you think Ron Johnson is looking for higher office and so is catering to tRump’s cult followers, or is he just stupidly trying to change history? Has he in the past endorsed racist ideas as he does so heartily now? Hugs

    • Scottie, I do not think he is vying for higher office. To be frank, he is more like your second observation “stupidly trying to change history.” Has he been racist before? I don’t know. I do know that he wanted to make his committee hyper-political to the extent that other Republicans would not go along with him. That speaks volumes in and of itself. Keith

      • Hello Keith. Hyperpartisan? To what end? I have often been told to understand a persons actions look to their gain from those actions. So Johnson who is reportedly worth $18,101,013 and $84,366,000, which averages $51,233,506.50, has been enriching himself shamelessly since he took office.


        “Senator Johnson was sent to Washington to serve the public, but it’s clear that he’s been serving his own bank account,” said Kyle Herrig, Executive Director of the Congressional Integrity Project.

        Johnson defended his corruption on July 29, telling NBC that he did not recall making a campaign promise to create a blind trust and that his family run business would make it impossible for it to be truly blind. Johnson sold that family-run business this March to a campaign donor for as much as $25 million after attending a confidential briefing for members of Congress on the pandemic. The economy began to shut down just days later.


        Johnson’s estimated net worth in 2019 was between $18,101,013 and $84,366,000, which averages $51,233,506.50, making Johnson one of the richest Members of Congress. His net worth increased by an estimated 30.6% from 2018 to 2019.

        Johnson’s likely net worth has increased by more than 115% since 2011, when he was sworn into the Senate.

        In 2017, Johnson cast the deciding vote for the Republican tax bill — but only after winning changes to the bill that lined his own pockets. Before providing the crucial 50th vote, Johnson successfully pressured Senate leadership to lower taxes for passthrough businesses, or businesses whose owners report profits on their individual tax returns. Those changes significantly lessened the tax burden on companies like Pacur, still run by Johnson’s brother. That, in turn, would be expected to increase the value of Johnson and his family’s stakes.

        In short, Johnson advanced policies that he personally benefited from. That’s the textbook definition of corruption.

        There is more at each link, but it is clear he thinks there is great profit in Republicanism, and in chaos in government. Yet the people keep voting people link him into office as they struggle to feed themselves / families and go with out shelter. Hugs

      • Scottie, you have gone to great lengths to reveal Johnson’s motivations are not altruistic. The hyperpartisanship I reference is entirely in keeping with your detailed summary. Johnson wants his tribe in power to further his financial gain. So, as with the former president, the truth is a tradeable commodity. Keith

  2. Yes. and when the violence is aimed at stopping the confirmation of an election it’s called sedition. The bad part is that Trump and Trumpism are still alive and kicking.

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