Note on essential commission on January 6 insurrection

I posted the following on several Republican Senator websites, as well as that of my GOP Congressman. Please feel free to use and adapt.

As a former Republican and now independent voter, the fall of my former party is concerning as well as embarrassing. To long tout being a party of law and order and now support a lawless insurrection that not only threatened you and your staff’s lives, but ended up killing five people and contributing to the deaths of two more, is beyond me.

We have a former president who continues to be untruthful about wide-spread election fraud, a stance he planned several months before the election and was highly predictable. What I did not anticipate is how much support he has received from his sycophants who won’t tell him the truth. I also did not anticipate how miserably his legal attempts would fail, going down as one of the worst investments of money winning only one small court case, while losing well over 60.

But, what bothers me even more is the former president set the stage with his lies for the insurrection, invited the more zealous members of his base to DC and then pointed them at the Capitol building. If they had found the white haired Vice President, he may have been another victim, as this former president painted a target on his back.

To be frank, this former president must be held accountable regardless of his party. We cannot have a coup attempt on one branch by another. Full stop. Please support the investigation into this atrocious event in our country’s history. We owe it to those who died, plus we citizens who crave good governance.


16 thoughts on “Note on essential commission on January 6 insurrection

  1. I am in full agreement with you, Keith. This commission must be formed and the events leading up to January 6th discovered and fully disclosed, no matter who is involved. It seems very suspicious to me that the Republicans in Congress are so dead set against this commission … highly suspicious, almost as if they had something to hide. From what I’ve read, the bill to form and fund this commission is dead on arrival in the Senate, thanks largely to Mitch McConnell. Your letter is good and I will send a version of it to Rob Portman and Warren Davidson this afternoon. Thank you!

  2. Jill, thanks. The refusal is well past suspicious. Take it to the bank, the Republicans do not want aired what they know Donald J. Trump is guilty of. I read today, Republicans are also scared of the court proceedings against Trump – they should be. None of this should be a surprise, yet they have tried to placate a Trump deceived base and now must pay the piper. They should have acted when they could have and the evidence was there. Not calling this commission is malfeasance, im my view and the GOP has no one else to blame but themselves. Keith

  3. As I’m from the UK I can’t really help, but I wish I could! It is a gross dereliction of duty not to support setting up the inquiry, but it doesn’t come as a surprise to me. They have become a party of cowards and toadies.

    • Clive, to me toadies is a more grotesque and apt term than sycophant, while meaning the same thing. While not a US citizen, you seem to care more about the US constitution than our former president ever did. Keith

      • It did seem appropriate! It’s a shame a good many others over there don’t care about the Constitution either. His ‘legacy’ is a party unfit to govern, with a warped set of beliefs.

      • Clive, I agree. The Republican party is adrift with no moral compass. The long time lesson that people fail to learn is when you associate with people like Donald Trump, it is hard to not get burned. Keith

    • David, thank you for your well wishes. I put you, Roger and Clive in the same category as I noted to Clive above – caring more about the US constitution than the former president ever has. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: This commission effort will likely fail in the Senate as Republicans do not want the truth coming out. It gets no simpler than that. Senator Marco Rubio noted calling witnesses will make the GOP look bad. To be frank, they do look bad as they got in bed with a deceitful and bullying person and then rationalized his behavior. My comment above about the white haired VP is important – if these insurrectionists had found him, he would have been harmed or maybe taken hostage.

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  6. Note to Readers: Several blogging friends and I have worried about a conscious effort on the part of the Republican party to erase history that does not look favorable at our country leadership, especially those who have the same skin color as I have. This is not new, as the FBI tried to stop the playing of Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” which spoke of the lynching of African-Americans during the Jim Crow era. But, ugly history did happen.

    Which makes it particularly annoying for Republicans in positions of leadership to try and tell us what happened on January 6 did not happen the way we remember it. There is a conscious effort to white-wash this event or keep it narrowly focused to avoid talking about the former president’s staged lies of election fraud to get zealots to come to DC. Senator Rubio said it will make the Republicans look bad – yes it will because you do look bad for letting this old toddler throw a hissy fit and cry “I did not lose. I won by a long shot. It was stolen from me.”

  7. Note to Readers: I tried to post this on Senator Rand Paul’s website, but was surprised to learn he had a 1,200 character (not word limit). To me this says clearly, he does not care to know your opinion, which I find unfortunate. I pared it down to fit, but felt I left some major points off. I understand word limits, but 1,200 characters is a tad insulting.

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