Three Questions

It was announced yesterday, the additional review of the Arizona 2020 election results by a pro-Republican group confirmed once again that Joe Biden won the election in Arizona. This follows on a recent ruling in Michigan that attorneys representing Trump must pay legal fees for their frivolous lawsuit and have been referred to the state bar association for possible disbarment.

It should be noted that the former president has lost well over 60 court cases on his election fraud claims, winning only one small case in Pennsylvania. So, with this in mind, here are three questions.

1.How many times must Donald Trump lose the same count of election results for it to sink in he lost?

2.How many court cases must Donald Trump lose before he realizes he is wasting money, credibility and attorney reputations contesting election results?

3.When will Republican party leadership tell the followers of Donald Trump that he lost the election, so get over it and let’s move on?

Three simple questions. To be frank, for someone who does not like to lose, the former president has put himself in an endless cycle of losing by rewinding and replaying the same story. And, yet his sycophants continue to burn their own reputations to support this continuing farce. Then, we have that sedition thing.


26 thoughts on “Three Questions

  1. Note to Readers: It continues to frustrate me that people in Republican leadership positions do not loudly and consistently call the former president on the carpet for his fraudulent claims and his seditious actlvities. We need them to better than this. While Democrats are far from perfect, I do not feel they peddle in dishonesty like the adrift Republican party.

  2. Would love to know these answers! But yet afraid that the answer is “will never stop!” Thats how it feels! And you are so right, for someone who hates losing so bad, he keeps doing it!!

  3. Despite the stories of Trump’s famed wealth I wonder if he has anything yet. I understood he was paying for the court cases with money donated to his election campaign. If this is true surely this is a misuse of funds. I wonder does he routinely do this as a matter of course or whether he really can’t help himself. The GOP should cut him off then try to unite the party behind a better prospect for 2024. Unsuccessfully I hope.

    • David, it is my understanding he used donated funds. And, his donors are not very happy with the horrendous ROI. One win out of 65 or so cases is a pretty awful ROI. Keith

  4. He’s really grasping at straws at this point. He simply can’t fathom that he lost because of his huge ego, so he’s protecting said ego by convincing himself that there’s some conspiracy or mistake made.

    • Ang, agreed. His niece Mary called it early on. Even Bernie Sanders went on a talk show a month before the election and said with eerie accuracy what Trump would do the night of the election and afterwards. He only missed on the insurrection instigation. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: What strikes me odd, if a child of the fans of the former president acted the way Trump is doing, they would send the child to his room. Throwing a hissy fit is not very admirable regardless of age.

  6. It’s delusional. One or sixty losses in courts I suspect makes no difference. Perhaps the sleight of hand is maintaining the attention of those who accept the result of your democratic process while he gets on with his nefarious plans. Beware?

    • David, just yesterday in Georgia, the former president said the results of the Arizona election review, just announced, said just the opposite of what they concluded. He said it showed he won easily, when that is not what they found. Now, other states are doing this reviews, as a way to drum up support and pass voter restrictive laws. Keith

  7. It seems to me that Trump and company are on a self-perpetuating roll. Trump won’t concede or give up or even stop the recounts and court actions while his base (and they are base) have found a kind of unity in this ongoing campaign even if it’s wrong and they know it.

    I suppose some really believe it was only through fraud that Biden could win but they feel united against liberalism. As long as those supporters continue to feel united and as long as Trump relies on their backing they’re all going to continue – even the media is making money out of it. Harold Stassen ran for president many times but without FOX and CNN it never amounted to much. LOL!

    • Becky, sadly there is a lot of reason behind your assertion. He will ride this horse until it keels over dead. Hopefully, it won’t destroy our democracy first. Keith

  8. Answers:
    1. zero
    2. zero
    3. never. in their delusion they think they need the former guy to get votes. so by adhering to the Big Lie they will keep these voters. I guess? will be interesting to see what happens in the midterms!

    • Toby, your answers are unfortunately accurate. When I think back on the impeachment votes, they had the evidence if they only bothered to review it. The GOP could have remembered their oath, recaptured their credibility and rid the country of this deceitful and seditious acting person from running for future office.

  9. Note to Readers: If you are looking for a catchy and painfully truthful pushback on someone who still is pushing the former president election fraud big lie, you could say “out of 60 plus court cases on election fraud, Trump has won one more case than a dead man would have.” That is an abysmal track record and he is not doing any better on the recounts or audits.

    Per Chris Krebs who was in charge of cybersecurity for the election, the 2020 election was the most secure election. He said it also left audit trails. Of course, the former president fired Krebs after he said that as he did Attorney General William Barr who said to
    Trump in a group meeting his election fraud claims were BS.

  10. I am just a retired old fool. I dont belong to any party and I have learned through many years of observation that the vast majority of citizens get their news from the media which is not honest. I watched the elections unfolding. trump was ahead by a landslide until, in the middle of the night when all observers had left the poling places, Biden magically jumped ahead and won the election. A man who could not put together a rally if more than 20 or 30 people whole Trump was talking to many thousands while being denied the ability to hold rallies in large venues. Seems funny to me that a man who had never been on the right side of any issue in 50 years would suddenly rise up in the middle of the night and win by a landslide over a sitting president who had done more good for more people than any president in the history of the republic. And yet the left who simply watch the talking heads on abc, NBC, cbs, CNN, MSNBC, cannot wrap their heads around the proven fact that the dominion voting machines, that all connect to the internet, are completely vulnerable to almost any kind of fraud. And are used in Valenzuela, and every dictatorial country in the world, could not possibly have been used to steal an election. Now you have no gas, soon no food, mo money (it will devalue to nothing), a vaccine designed to kill everyone who takes it. And which does nothing to stop covid, but instead creates a new strain, millions of unvetted people from all over the world pouring across our borders and then being dispersed into all of our major cities, on welfare, free medical, living on the streets. Raping and killing, and many of you seem to love it. Are you all nuts. What will you do when there’s no food in the shelves in the stores and your money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. How will you survive. Will you ask Biden for a handout? He is paying the farmers top dollar to destroy their crops and turning away ships and trucks carrying food. If course your news never mentions any of that. But people living in the port cities will tell you it’s true because they can see it. I love America. I love Americans. The current situation is not the America I love. There will be no freedom soon. Only a cruel dictatorial minority if which money of you will be a member. God help us all. I’m 80 years old. Isn’t going to affect me much but how about you? How many years will you suffer in hell?

    • George, many thanks for sharing your points of view. I must confess they are interesting, but as an Independent and former Republican and Democrat voter who follows multiple news outlets, BBC, PBS, Reuters, WSJ, WaPo, Politico, etc. I must disagree with much of what you said The former president did precisely what I expected him to do on election night claiming victory before the votes were counted. I wrote a post last September after reading Trump had hired 1,000 attorneys, he would sue to win the election. What saddens me is other Republican leaders not condemning his election fraud lies more strongly. William Barr called them BS to Trump’s face and got fired. Chris Krebs, head of election security called it the most secure election in our history leaving audit trails and got fired.

      I recognize fully Joe Biden is not perfect and he handled the Afghanistan exit poorly. And, the border has been a problems for years that has not been dealt with. The bipartisan Senate bill passed in 2014, I think, but was never taken up in the House as Boehner felt it would be better politically not to address a problem. (Boehner did a few good things while Speaker, but this was not one of them). While I can disagree with Biden and his more progressive members of the caucus on policy at times, it is the GOP I have concerns with as it is adrift and untethered to the truth. We need a viable Republican party who can argue issues, which unfortunately we do not have right now.

      That is what I believe. Thanks for your comments. I wish you the best in your endeavors. Keith

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