Reinforcement of why a person left the GOP

The following is an interesting article that furthers the message of my previous and earlier posts over my concerns for the Republican party called “I left the GOP because it seemed to be losing it way. Last week convinced me I was right” by Kurt Bardella of NBC News.

Here are few excerpts from the piece. The full article can be linked to below.

“I don’t think I’ve recently experienced a span of days that quite so neatly captures the difference between being a Democrat and being a Republican in today’s America.

Last week began with the GOP’s wannabe standard-bearer, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, using human beings as political props for a craven publicity stunt designed to stoke right-wing outrage toward migrants.

Then, the current Republican Party standard-bearer found himself in even more legal hot water after the New York attorney general’s lawsuit alleging Trump and his eldest children committed fraud. (This happened on the same day that a court-appointed special master called Trump’s bluff and ordered him to back up the conspiracy theory that the FBI planted evidence at Mar-a-Lago.)

The week concluded with House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy releasing a self-proclaimed “agenda” that is long on talking points but short on actual specifics. It further cements the Republican Party’s complete withdrawal from the public policy arena, leaving the GOP completely detached from the tangible challenges of today and the growing threats of tomorrow….

In short, Biden spent the week defending freedom and democracy on the world stage, while his predecessor defended himself from allegations of fraud and claims that he may have compromised national security. Republican governors plotted to fly human pawns to Martha’s Vineyard, while Democratic governors unveiled measures to combat the climate crisis. And Republicans in Congress unveiled a “commitment” agenda that just blames Biden and Democrats, while a global community of philanthropists announced specific action items to alleviate poverty, improve health care and economic development and tackle other systemic inequities.”

As a former Republican (and Democrat) and now Independent voter, my reasons for leaving the GOP about fourteen years ago could be summed up in their tendency to make things up. Both parties are untruthful and exaggerate, but it is not a normal distribution. I find myself arguing policy with Democrats, but arguing what is real with Republicans.

Per the above, what Governors Desantis, Abbott, and Ducey did with migrants from Venezuela is extremely poor form and they deserve all the negative push back they get. And, those supporters who echo that it is OK, need to really think about what is happening here as it is not very Christian like to screw people like this.

As for the losing former president, it will not surprise me to see him wind up in jail for his seditious actions. His untruthful and bullying nature and shallow ego are finally catching up with him, deservedly so. And, it is long past due for his sycophants to remember which country they live in. Wearing a flag pin and hugging a flag at an ultra-conservative rally are merely window-dressing just as holding a bible as a prop when you speak makes you no more a Christian.

It is hard enough to govern with facts and truth. It is nigh impossible to do so when you govern off lies. If our politicians cannot be in the ballpark of the truth, they need to step down. We need them to shoot straight with us.


21 thoughts on “Reinforcement of why a person left the GOP

  1. Note to Readers: Last night, I received this email from a friend who is in his seventies after I forwarded him my “Truth be told” post. It speaks volumes.

    “Keith-Good evening
    Thanks for this-from the time I was eligible to vote, I voted for a Republican for President- as a registered Republican. That changed in the 2020 election. I did not vote for either candidate and have since changed my affiliation to Independent.
    100% because of Donald Trump. There is no way I could continue to be a Republican if that guy was associated in any way with ‘my party.’”

  2. Normally this would be a case of self-destruction through not communicating the public in general, a regular malaise the UK Labour Party suffers from, were it not for the still substantial number of voters still locked into the Republican Party mindset.
    How is the republican national vote holding up Keith?

    • Roger, what is interesting is the desire by GOP candidates to avoid debates and town halls. The primary reason is their message is poor, in my view. Plus, when examples of Republicans getting crucified in rebuttal on panels, they play the victim’s card. Keith

      • They do seem to be locked into the mentality of adolescents angry at being told to clean up their room.
        At least with the adolescents you can negotiate and throw some humour into the mix.
        This current crop have locked themselves into a mindset which does not consider the ramifications upon the nation as a whole

  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Today our friend Keith shares an article that clearly defines the major difference today between the two major parties in the U.S. This is a ‘must-read’ for those who would claim there is no difference between the two parties or for those who still believe the GOP is a viable, functional political party. Thanks, Keith

      • I hope so too, my friend. I sometimes wish I reached more people. Many years ago, I wrote for a small online news site, but I got so much hate from it that I decided it wasn’t worth the toll it was taking on my psyche.

      • Jill, I am sorry you were a target of hate. When some people choose only to have someone spoon feed them what they want to hear, hearing the truth causes cognitive dissonance. They have to rush home to their favorite spoon feeder to gain reassurance. These propagandists have damaged civil discourse as much as the top-of-the-lungs shouters. Keith

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  5. Note to Readers: Just sticking to issues, when legislators lie to citizens we are malserved. So because of the funding Republicans receive from the fossil fuel industry, we are further behind in dealing with climate change solutions than we need to be. Because of the influence and money of the NRA to the Republican Party, not enough is done to address better gun governance, although some strides were finally made this year. And, we still fail to address poverty, healthcare cost issues in the manner needed. Yet, the GOP gets us to focus our attention on issues that are not that important or even a problem because they need to distract us from the losing former president’s self inflicted woes.

  6. One addition that I think is important to note: many of the truly radical, far-right election deniers—whom I call Big Liars—are now scrubbing their websites and speeches of their most odious views, such as abortion with no exception and even their fealty to trump. This is a calculated move to broaden their appeal to voters who haven’t been paying attention til now. If they’re elected, they’ll revert to their far-right stances and create chaos. Voters: beware! Inflation, a worldwide situation, will pass. Allowing these chaos candidates to run/ruin the government will do incalculable damage.

    • Annie, this swinging back to the middle has been going on for decades, but now it is blatant with the scrubbing, as you aptly call it. Politicians count on short memories. My guess is very few folks in Pennsylvania know that Dr. Oz was hauled before Congress to explain why he kept touting miracle cures on his TV show that were untested and dangerous. He put people in danger with his medicine show sales tactics. Keith

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