A few odds and ends this Friday before Thanksgiving

A few odds and ends on this Friday before Thanksgiving.

– I think Representative Liz Cheney should be a candidate for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year for her political courage to hold the former president accountable for his role in the insurrection on the Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. My guess is Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy will win the nod given his bravery and leadership in standing up to another autocratic individual, but I wanted to mention Cheney.

– I saw where the Republican Party will spend most of its time with its House majority doing endless hearings to discredit people, rather than performing actual governance. This is a waste of taxpayer money and does not serve the American people very well. Sadly, my former party has not voted on a platform, so what it stands for is a good question.

– Republicans like to point out the hearing on the former president as a “what-about-defense,” but that involves an insurrection against the Capitol building endangering incumbents of all stripes. Getting to the bottom of the former president’s culpability on that is a matter of national security and must be done. Republicans made a huge mistake by choosing not to be involved in this process, with the exceptions of Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

– There is irony that the new Speaker will be Kevin McCarthy under this mission. He would have been Speaker instead of Paul Ryan after John Boehner retired a few years ago, but he blabbed in an interview the real purpose of the endless Benghazi hearings were to discredit Hillary Clinton not get at the truth. So, Republicans had to replace him with Ryan. It is not appropriate to use taxpayers’ dollars for political reasons and this was an obvious example.

-I saw where Nancy Pelosi will be stepping down from Democrat leadership in the House in January. To be frank, I have never been a huge fan of Pelosi’s as she tends to grandstand, but she is nonetheless a very effective Speaker of the House. She does have a knack for getting things done. So, she deserves respect for that.

-Finally, in one of the most bizarre campaign speeches, candidate Herschel Walker when off on a long tangent about werewolves and vampires. Not only did it not make much sense, but why on earth would you talk about that analogy in the middle of telling folks you have credibility? To be honest, it reminds me of a 2010 New Jersey senate candidate named Christine O’Donnell who felt the need to do a TV commercial saying “she was not a witch” as a past issue arose where she claimed such.

Since, Halloween is behind us, we can put away all the werewolf, vampire and witch costumes. And, now we can move on to Thanksgiving. Safe travels all.


13 thoughts on “A few odds and ends this Friday before Thanksgiving

  1. Yes Liz should be honored for her courage but what good is all that she has done because the perp is still running loose and there is no evidence that he will ever be held accountable for anything. And very soon now, the House Republicans will dismantle the January 6 committee and try to make it disappear from History and the errant figure in this whole mess might even become president and do the whole thing over again. I think Nancy Pelosi deserves some kind of recognition for her many years of government service too while we are talking about all this.

    • John, he will at least have to answer to two tax fraud trials which are underway. The prosecutors refused to settle because they have a good case against the Trump Organization. This is a key reason he announced he was running to claim it is politically motivated. But, he will likely have to fork over some serious dough with guilty verdicts. Plus, there is that Georgia election meddling case. Keith

  2. I’m not sorry to see Nancy move on. Not that she hasn’t accomplished some good things, but her age is telling on her — as it is with a number of others in the same range but who refuse to follow her example.

    Hopefully Herschel’s rant will wake some people up to his total inability to be in congress. Then again … *sigh*

    • Agreed. The Dems need to be better at passing the baton. As for Walker, it truly is an embarrassment to the Republican Party to put forth this candidate. Keith

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