Veterans’ group calls several Fox News opinion hosts on carpet for disinformation

A very interesting and pertinent ad has found its way on certain military cable outlets, being aired during shows it is targeting. In an article in 2Paragraphs by Claude Wooten today called “Veterans Bust Through Fox News, Call For Tucker Carlson’s Removal” the story speaks of how an ad hit home. A link to the article and ad is at the bottom.

“VoteVets writes:

‘VoteVets is running this ad calling for Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham to be removed from military installation TVs. The ad will run during those shows, on cable systems serving those very TVs.’

How did the VoteVets bust through the denial by Fox corporate overlords, understandably reluctant to run criticism of its own product during its shows? How did Fox get “OUT-FOXED,” as one VoteVets commenter writes?

The veterans went around the big corporation, directly to the military. Many military bases have their own cable TV systems, typically run by the military’s Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) department, which is responsible for providing services and activities to support the well-being of military personnel and their families.

VoteVets believes that Fox’s alleged disinformation campaigns endanger American security, as the ad seeks to demonstrate. VoteVets writes: ‘FOX hosts’ election lies and disinformation splits the ranks, hurts unit cohesion, and weakens America’s national defense. They must be removed from all TVs on military installations NOW.’”

The article is addressing the admission in emails found during the Dominion Voting System defamation lawsuit that more than several Fox News producers and hosts and its owner knew the election fraud claims by the former president were lies. Yet, they decided to gaslight their audiences into believing they are true. Whether one calls this gaslighting, disinformation or just lying, it does not paint a pretty picture of Fox News.

To be frank, Fox News gaslighted people for ratings, which means money. They earned this pushback. Sadly, even after the gaslighting story broke, Carlson continues his gaslighting this time focusing on the January 6 insurrection trying to white wash what happened. For one, I hope the military ads hit their target.


12 thoughts on “Veterans’ group calls several Fox News opinion hosts on carpet for disinformation

    • Jill, so true. Just as Trump’s Big Lie became pervasive through an echo effect, it is my hope it will fall apart with a similar echo in reverse. All of these candidates and officials who have made a name for themselves by perpetuating the Big Lie must also have a reckoning with the new echo. Keith

      • I share your hopes. I also have a probably unrealistic hope that the people who have clung to their love of all things Trump will take off their rose-coloured glasses and see what is in front of their very noses.

      • Jill, it is a nice hope, I agree. I think our best chance is to continue to peel off voters who are not as strident and make the ones who are realize they may need to remain more silent as what he touts can be embarrassing to them when repeated as gospel. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: When a news source, even when not known as the most pristine of truth tellers, purposefully gaslights its audience, then it really cannot lay claim to being a news source. More legitimate news sources try to get it right and when they don’t will often do an errata or correction. To know your people are lying in an exaggerated manner is just a disservice to its audience and others. I don’t watch Fox News, but I am impacted by the gaslighting. This is a key point of the VoteVets’ ad.

    • Note to Readers II: I saw this morning that the former president is bracing his followers for a potential arrest on Tuesday. Why Tuesday, I don’t know? But, he of course is not accepting any responsibility for wrongdoing and is encouraging his followers to take the country back. There is a reason these VoteVets are pointing out the risks of divisive rhetoric.

  2. It is always telling when those who have put their lives on the line feel it is time to call out those who have never raised a finger for the communal good of the nation the veterans served.
    Let Carlson and the rest criticise these if they dare.
    There will be a justifiable backlash.

    • Roger, the veterans crystallize the issue – the gaslighting is dividing our military and putting us at risk. You are right, let the culprits push back on this.

      Thinking more about the imminent arrest story reference I made earlier, I have concluded that Trump wanted to change the paradigm away from the VoteVets story pointing out the lying to one where he is being victimized by a potential arrest. He will do this each time charges are forthcoming. It is part of his “they just don’t like me defense.” Keith

      • I have noticed an increase in the number of academic works on the question of national politics affecting the US military…one in particular did catch my eye, but I forgot to ensure the link was bookmarked.
        The US Armed forces are one thing, but one has to wonder about the various states’ national guards. To whom to they owe final loyalty.

        We should not be surprised that Trump is being his usual irresponsible self by raising the temperature on this arrest issue. I daresay he is secretly expecting ‘militias’ to turn up to ‘protect him’ The fellow is a threat to human life as the events of January 2021 displayed.

      • Roger, American unity is way down on the list of Donald Trump wants. He just does not like to lose or be called a loser. His ego cannot take handle it. His niece said it so well back in November, 2020 – her uncle will burn it all down to avoid losing the election. And, he has certainly tried. Keith

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